Armie Hammer has been working his clean-cut golden boy looks to his advantage in The Social Network, J. Edgar, and the upcoming Mirror, Mirror, but the latest addition to his slate will see him transforming into a bit more of a “badass.” Hammer will bulk up and shave his head to star with Eric Bana in By Virtue Fall, a “gritty drama” about an ATF agent (Hammer) who gets framed for corruption and serves time into a maximum security prison. Once out, he’s determined to get revenge on his former partner (Bana), whom he blames for destroying his life.

The project marks the directing debut of Up in the Air co-writer Sheldon Turner, who also penned this script. By Virtue Fall is scheduled to start sometime in 2012, after Hammer wraps up Disney’s The Lone Ranger over the summer. [Deadline]

After the jump, Richard Jenkins becomes Adam Scott’s dad, while Juno Temple and Wes Bentley befriend Amanda Seyfried.

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Changes are afoot for By Virtue Fall, the movie written by Sheldon Turner which will also mark his directorial debut. The film is about “a man who is framed by his mentor and winds up in prison. Once released, he’s fixated on getting revenge on his former partner, who has flourished in his new life and tried to cleanse himself of the past.”

Not long ago, Colin Farrell and Eric Bana were said to be circling the major roles, but money seemed like a sticking point. Evidently some things weren’t resolved, as Farrell is no longer in the running, and he could be replaced by Jeremy Renner. Plus, we’ve got more story details thanks to a script review. Read More »

Colin Farrell at the "In Bruges" press conference at the Four Se

Sheldon Turner became the original impetus for Jason Reitman’s film Up in the Air when he wrote the original spec script based on Walter Kirn’s novel, and he’s got his own directorial debut set to film in the coming months. The revenge drama By Virtue Fall will be based on his own original screenplay, and now it has two possible leads: Colin Farrell and Eric Bana. Read More »


Sheldon Turner worked on a couple films that might be called…undistinguished (remake of The Longest Yard, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) but then wrote a spec adaptation of Walter Kirn’s novel Up in the Air. That adaptation, to his great fortune, led to Jason Reitman’s film of the same name and landed Turner an Oscar nod and wins at the BAFTAs, Golden Globes, WGA awards and many critic circle awards.

Now Turner will make his directing debut with By Virtue Fall, based on a script of his own devising. Read More »