The Strangers 2 cast

The Strangers grossed $82 million worldwide on a budget of $9 million. It’s an effective horror movie that benefits greatly from Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman‘s performances. After its huge success at the box-office, it only took nine years for the sequel to happen, which was a delay caused by problems at Relativity.

One of the stars of Mad MenLost River, and the next Brian De Palma filmChristina Hendricks, is the sequel’s lead. Below, learn more about The Strangers 2 cast.

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The Monster trailer

Bryan Bertino made a memorable debut with his 2008 horror film, The Strangers. There are some genuinely unsettling sequences in that notable box office hit. Then it took six years for us to see another movie from Bertino. His sophomore effort was 2014’s Mockingbird, a found-footage horror movie released on VOD. Unlike his feature debut, Mockingbird didn’t find a large audience, but it also looked like a far less commercial movie. Bertino’s next horror film is The Monster, which stars Zoe Kazan (What If), Ella Ballentine, and The Strangers‘ Scott Speedman.

Below, watch The Monster trailer.

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Universal has beat out several other studios in a bidding war for Grim Night, a spec by first-time feature writers Brandon Bestenheider and Allen Bey. The horror thriller centers around an annual day in which people all over the globe lock themselves in their homes in an effort to avoid violent, seemingly random attacks by terrifying creatures known as Grims. Bestenheider, Bey, and producers Bryan Bertino (The Strangers) and Adrienne Brittle took a slightly unusual (but apparently effective) approach to the sale, releasing a trailer late last week to pique industry and public interest in the movie. Watch the video and read more about the project after the jump.

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Have you ever dreamed of the man above? Late last year people started hearing about a website called, which claimed to chronicle the fact that people all over the world have seen that man’s face in their dreams. The notion was more than unlikely; it was a fabrication, seemingly orchestrated by Andrea Natella, an Italian sociologist / marketing guru.

But that doesn’t mean the core idea is bad for a film. Now Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures is putting together This Man, which will be written and directed by Bryan Bertino, who last directed The Stranger for Rogue Pictures. Read More »