Who would have thought that David Cronenberg might be the first to bring a Jonathan Lethem adaptation to the screen? Quite a few producers and other filmmakers have tried to mount films based on Lethem novels over the years. Most famously, Edward Norton has been slowly brewing a screen version of the great novel Motherless Brooklyn, as a starring/directing effort.

Last year we heard that David Cronenberg was attached to direct a film based on the author’s third novel, As She Climbed Across the Table. It’s a book that features love, physicists, and a semi-sentient black hole. If that sounds like a tricky prospect, just cast your memory back across David Cronenberg’s impressive resume, considering particularly that he’s the man who made a bloody great movie out of the nigh-unfilmable novel Naked Lunch. Then read on for the details about how the film just took a step closer to realization. Read More »