brooklyn nine nine season 8 delayed

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 won’t arrive until next year. The popular comedy about a rag-tag bunch of lovable cops made headlines recently when it was announced that the upcoming season was throwing out some scripts in light of the recent civil unrest surrounding the police in teh wake of the killing of George Floyd and several other Black people. Now, because of the coronavirus, the show has been delayed until 2021.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8

As America continues to grapple in real time with the institution of policing and endure the ramifications of an untold number of murders by police officers due to systemic racism, the idea of a cop comedy doesn’t seem quite as funny as it used to. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a show that’s always had its heart in the right place, knows this. So creator and showrunner Dan Goor threw out the scripts for the eighth season, and he and the writers are crafting new scripts that address some of these issues head on.

In a new interview, Andre Braugher, who recently earned another Emmy nomination for playing NYPD Captain Raymond Holt (one of the best characters on TV), says that the new season is “a new challenge” and says he has faith in the writers to be able to acknowledge real-world events while still giving fans the comedy that they love.
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brooklyn nine-nine future

Amid the global anti-police brutality protests sparked by Minnesota police officers killing George Floyd, TV shows centering around cops are starting to re-evaluate their priorities. One of those shows is the goodhearted NBC sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which we learned last month is trying to grapple with its place as a comedy show about cops by scrapping its season 8 scripts and starting from scratch. But even star Andy Samberg, who has played Detective Jake Peralta on the show for all seven seasons, admits that moving forward with Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be “a challenge.”

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brooklyn nine-nine season 8

TV shows centering around cops have been forced to reckon with the impact they’ve had on public perception of law enforcement in recent months, amid the global anti-police brutality protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers. Reality shows like Cops and Live PD have been canceled, while scripted series like Law & Order and NCIS are grappling with the question of whether they glorify police brutality.

So where does that leave Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the beloved NBC sitcom about a team of NYPD detectives that has built a loyal following for its goodhearted comedy? As it heads into its eighth season, the series is starting from scratch, star Terry Crews confirmed, revealing that the writers have decided to scrap four of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 scripts in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests.

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protest donations

As protests continued across every state in the nation, some people in the film and TV world decided to use their privilege for a good cause. Indie distributor A24 released a list of worthwhile organizations they’ve donated to while the cast and creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine donated $100,000 to the National Bail Fund Network. Meanwhile, Bad Robot and the Katie McGrath and J.J. Abrams Family Foundation have pledged $10 million to organizations and efforts committed to anti-racist agendas.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Trailer

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is returning for a seventh season on NBC next month, and the first trailer with new footage from the season premiere has finally arrived. It’s a throwback to cop shows of the 1980s, which feels appropriate since Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) has to go back to his early days as a patrolman after his nemesis Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick) learned he only spent a month as a uniformed patrolman before becoming a detective. That’s a breach of NYPD rules, and the temporary demotion results in a little bit of confusion for Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and his team. Read More »

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of the best network comedies of the past decade, has officially been given the go-ahead for an eighth season. And no, you haven’t missed anything, because Season 7 hasn’t aired yet – that debuts in February 2020. But NBC, which rescued the show after Fox cancelled it two summers ago, evidently wants to keep it alive for a little while longer. Read More »

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Renewed for Season 7 at NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Renewed

FOX may have canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but NBC saved it. And even though the series is only six episodes into the sixth season, NBC is already satisfied enough with the show’s performance to renew it for a seventh season. NOICE! Read More »

brooklyn nine-nine lin-manuel miranda

Ever since Lin-Manuel Miranda banded together with Mark Hamill, Guillermo del Toro, Sean Astin, and Seth Myers to form the most unlikely super group to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation, fans wondered if the Mary Poppins Returns star would make an appearance on the beloved NBC comedy series. After all, Miranda is no stranger to popping up in various TV shows as a celebrity cameo – or, before he became a megastar with Hamilton, in a bit part. And it turns out, all we needed to do was wait for it (wait for it).

NBC confirmed a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Lin-Manuel Miranda guest spot with two images giving us a first look at the actor as one of Amy Santiago’s (Melissa Fumero)’s brothers. The only way this episode, which is set to air on March 7, could get any better is if Miranda got his entire group chat to appear. Mark Hamill as a kooky criminal, anyone?

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