Mark Andrews Brave 2

Mark Andrews, like many of Pixar’s feature directors, has a long history at the company. He worked on The Incredibles as story supervisor, and directed the short One Man Band, and co-wrote Jack-Jack Attack and One Man Band. He was promoted to director of Brave when Brenda Chapman was removed, and watched the film go on to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. (A nice feather in his cap, even if that win came as a surprise, given that other nominated films are arguably more successful stories than Brave.)

Now Andrews is at work on a new film, and it is an original concept that he is writing and directing. That should come as good news to those concerned about Pixar’s increasing interest in making sequels. At least, we presume he’s making the film at Pixar, as his comment about the project comes at the end of a string of talk about a possible Brave sequel at the company. Read More »