Chicken Soup for the Soul

The ’90s are back in a big way, and that means it’s about time for someone to tackle one big of-the-era trend we bet you’d forgotten all about: Chicken Soup for the Soul. Alcon Entertainment has acquired Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen‘s series of¬†inspirational books with the intention of adapting it for the big and small screens.

While TV plans are up in the air right now, the film version is already making progress. Brandon Camp (of the Aaron Eckhart-Jennifer Aniston dud Love Happens) has been tapped to write the screenplay, with Jordan Kerner (The Smurfs) and others producing. More details after the jump. Read More »

DC is really starting to farm out characters to television. Hopefully some of these new ones will have more luck than NBC’s Wonder Woman. There’s the recent Human Target series on Fox, and Deadman, which is being developed for the CW. And now there is The Spectre, a character with some superficial similarities to Deadman, being developed for Fox. Read More »