scream 4 casting

Last week it was reported that Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette have been approached about reprising their roles as Gale Weathers and Dwight “Dewey” Riley for a fourth Scream movie. It was originally rumored that the film would be a complete reboot, but with returning characters, it seems more like a proper sequel.We now have further clarification from screenwriter Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven.

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22% of Vanity Fair’s Top 100 are Filmmakers

Vanity Fair has released the VF 100 – an annual listing of the top 100 leaders of the information age. Below you can find a listing of movie related entries on the list. Check out the full list on

4. Steve Jobs – Former Pixar CEO, Member of Disney’s Board of Directors
9. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt – Actors
14. Steven Spielberg – Director, Producer, Dreamworks co-founder
22. David Geffen – Dremworks Co-founder
23. George Lucas – Writer, Director, Producer, Chairman of LucasFilm
24. Jerry Bruckheimer – Producer
28. John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Brad Bird – Pixar’s creative team
32. Sumner Redstone – Majority Owner of Paramount Pictures
33. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Actor
34. Tom Hanks – Actor, Producer
35. Robert Iger – Head of the Walt Disney Company
43. Oprah Winfrey – Actress (kinda), Producer
44. Jon Stewart – Comedian, Actor
45. Stephen Colbert – Comedian, Actor
53. Jeffrey Katzenberg – Dreamworks co-founder, CEO of Dreamworks Animation
55. George Clooney – Actor, Producer
58. Judd Apatow – Producer, Writer, Director
59. Robert De Niro – Actor, Producer, Director
66. Brian Grazer/Ron Howard – Producer/Director
85. The Coen Brothers – Writers, Directors, Producers
87. The Weinstein Brothers – The Weinstien Co
93. Jerry Weintraub – Producer

Will They Make a Halloween Sequel?

HalloweenRob Zombie has signed a two picture deal with Dimension Films, Halloween has already broken the Labor Day weekend record (aiming to take $32 million) ,well over the film’s estimated $15 million budget (despite god awful reviews from both fans and critics). But the question now becomes, will they make a sequel (And if so, will it be called Halloween 2, Halloween 10, or something else?)?

Weinstein Company head Bob Weinstein tells Reuters:

“I never say never never … but it would have to be something very, very different.”

With the re-envisioning / remake set to make 80+ million domestically, god knows how much worldwide, and even more on home video, I can’t see how Bob Weinstein won’t be able to find “something very, very different.” In Hollywood, it’s money (not ideas or story) that talks. Another question might be, does Rob Zombie have any interest in returning for a sequel. My quick guess is, probably not.