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The mystery of The Blair Witch Project is maybe one left buried deep in the Black Hills Forest, but you’ll get a chance to return to those dark woods and investigate the mystery of the titular witch with the new Hunt a  Killer Horror: Blair Witch tabletop game. Hunt a Killer, the makers of the popular mystery, sci-fi, and horror-themed role-playing games, are debuting a Blair Witch tabletop game, just in time for spooky season.

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The Blair Witch Project was more than a movie, it was a phenomenon. It took horror to a new level, blurring the line between reality and fiction. I was only a child when it came out, but I vividly remember the debates in the school yard about whether or not it was real. I had no doubts in my mind that it was, going so far as to avoid my own wooded backyard in Texas, thinking it could have been filmed there.

After a series of questionable sequels, new life has finally been breathed into the horror classic via a simple first person video game from Bloober, simply titled Blair Witch, that takes the found footage format to the next level by putting you in the driver’s seat, alone in the Blacks Hills Forest outside the little town of Burkittsville, Maryland, hunted by something unknown. The result is one of the more terrifying horror games I have ever played, and a must-have of all your spooky season festivities.

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blair witch gameplay trailer

When will people learn to stay the hell out of the cursed woods of Burkittsville? Those spooky woods made famous by The Blair Witch Project are being explored once again – this time in a Blair Witch video game. A new gameplay trailer gives us a better look at what’s in store, and it features what you might expect: scary woods, spooky ruins, video camera footage, and mysterious supernatural happenings. But more importantly, this trailer also shows how players get to interact with the game’s dog, Bullet. Watch the Blair Witch gameplay trailer below.

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blair witch video game

The Blair Witch Project will live on with a new Blair Witch game due out this summer. The first-person, story-driven psychological horror game is based on the horror hit, and takes place in 1996 – which conveniently sidesteps the two Blair Witch movie sequels. The storyline involves an ex-cop searching for a boy who went missing in the allegedly haunted woods surrounding Burkittsville. I’m guessing a certain witch may be involved in this disappearance.

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blair witch tv series

Rumblings from last year regarding a Blair Witch TV series appear to have been true. Lionsgate is in the process of creating original digital content for their newly-branded Studio L, and a Blair Witch series is among the potential digital titles.

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2016 Was a Banner Year For Horror

best horror movies of 2016

If you grab an average person off the street and ask them how they feel about the recently departed 2016, they’d probably give you a detached thousand yard stare. Or burst into tears. It was, for the world as a whole, not a great time to be alive. However, it was a great year for horror movies. And that makes a twisted sort of sense. As we discover new ways to fear and despair, the movies will react accordingly. Whether by accident or design, horror cinema represented everything we dread in 2016. How it will react to the actual events of this past year has me fascinated…and terrified.

Looking back at the past twelve months, it’s astonishing just how good horror cinema has been. It was there when we needed it, offering an avenue of escape and, when necessary, a dark mirror to examine our inner demons.

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Blair Witch Ending

Unfortunately, Blair Witch was not quite the hit sequel that Lionsgate was hoping it would be. The film has only pulled in $16.5 million domestically and another $11.5 million internationally. That’s a bummer, because it’s actually quite the scary sequel that expands the mythology of The Blair Witch Project without ruining anything or revealing too much.

Now those of you have seen it may be thinking to yourself that the movie does reveal too much about the legend at the core of the horror franchise, mostly because it appears to reveal the titular spirit/monster/whatever. But writer Simon Barrett recently confirmed that we don’t actually see the Blair Witch on screen at all. Find out more below, but beware of spoilers. Read More »

/Filmcast Ep. 384 – Blair Witch

Blair Witch sequel

In this episode, David and Devindra are joined by Matt Singer from ScreenCrush to discuss Matt’s favorite (and least favorite) films of the Toronto International Film Festival. Also, Devindra shares thoughts on Snowden and Atlanta. Be sure to read Britt Hayes’ interview with Adam Wingard and Matt’s review of Blair Witch

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Blair Witch Sequel

The first sequel to The Blair Witch Project arrived only 15 months after the release of the original movie. The second sequel took another 16 years to manifest, arriving in theaters just three days ago. While the franchise lay dormant for over a decade, it turns out that there were attempts to revive it in the years between Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 and Blair Witch, one of which was a prequel pitched by the same team that made the original movie.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

blair witch interview

Director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett have become two of the most exciting new voices in horror over the past five years with films like A Horrible Way to Die, You’re Next, and The Guest (as well as memorable segments in both VHS movies and The ABCs of Death). Now, the duo have decided to enter someone else’s playground with Blair Witch, a sequel to the 1999 classic The Blair Witch Project.

Blair Witch is a very different film than the original movie, replacing the slow-burn psychological terror of the first film with visceral scares and a relentless pace. It is very much its own beast, the result of Wingard and Barrett setting out to make a movie on their own terms, the sequel to the original that they always wanted to see.

With Blair Witch in theaters today, I sat down with the duo to discuss how you keep found footage horror fresh, what attracted them to this project, and the glory that is drone cameras.

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