best f(r)iends trailer

When you write a tell-all memoir about your eccentric friend, relationships will inevitably become frayed. But as we saw in last year’s The Disaster Artist, Tommy Wiseau is not your typical friend. And his and Greg Sestero‘s friendship is now forever tied to the cult favorite “worst movie ever” The Room.

Wiseau and Sestero have never really been separated, having done The Room midnight screening rounds together for nearly a decade now. But they haven’t appeared in a feature film with each other since 2003. That’s all about to change with the aptly titled Best F(r)iends.

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Best F(r)iends review

With Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, the stars of Wiseau’s legendarily awful 2oo3 drama The Room, co-starring in a new movie together, comparisons to that original disasterpiece are impossible to avoid. Best F(r)iends, a new buddy crime movie directed by Justin MacGregor and written by Sestero, embraces the inevitable juxtaposition by acknowledging and paying homage to The Room throughout its entire run time: it’s not a sequel, but it’s clearly a spiritual successor and often feels like it could be set in the same cinematic Wiseau-niverse.

To watch Best F(r)iends is to step through a portal into a bizarre, topsy-turvy world in which Wiseau is once again a lead character in a feature film, still very much in possession of all the unique eccentricities his fans have found so strangely irresistible. 14 years later, this is the same old Tommy, and those who have worn out their DVD copies of The Room are going to go nuts for it.
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