Area 51
While covering the American Film Market, Bloody Disgusting discovered the names of the three main cast members for director Oren Peli‘s Area 51, the filmmaker’s follow-up to the indie supernatural thriller viral sensation Paranormal Activity. Peli is not going Hollywood yet, and keeping it low-key, with three virtually unknown actors – Reid Warner, Darrin Bragg and Ben Rovner.

Aside from Warner’s one-episode small guest spots on The Unit and Eli Stone, the trio have been virtually unseen in both movies and television. It seems to me to be a smart move on many levels. First of all it allows Peli to keep the costs low — the estimated budget is around $5 million, which will probably go mostly toward effects. Second of all, not using any established or known actors allows Peli to play with the audience’s perceptions of real/cinema, as he did with Activity.

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