MTV has confirmed something I have suspected since I screened the first teaser to Pixar’s Up.

For those of you who don’t know, Pixar hides many easter eggs in their films (you can see our compilation of the WALL-E easter eggs here). They often like to include characters from their upcoming films in the backgrounds of the frame. For example, Boo’s fish toy in Monsters Inc ended up being the title character of Finding Nemo. A kid in the doctor’s office in Finding Nemo was reading a comic book of The Incredibles. WALL-E appeared in 2D on the Ratatouille DVD short film Your Friend the Rat. And Up‘s Dug the dog appeared in silhouette in Brad Bird’s Ratatouille chasing Remy through the walls of a building.

A new character from Toy Story 3 is hidden in one of the scenes, do you know which one? Details and photo after the jump.

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