Many people have a friend to whom they slip information when they want that info spread out to the community at large. The talkative one, if you will. For Christopher Nolan, that friend might be Michael Caine. The actor has been the source of a great deal of possibly-true statements about the next Batman film, and now he has delivered what certainly sounds like a reliable nugget of info about when The Dark Knight Rises will shoot, and for how long. Read More »

Tom Hardy Cast in ‘Batman 3’


Briefly: We’ve got very few details right now, but Deadline is reporting that Tom Hardy (Inception, Bronson, the hopefully forthcoming Mad Max films) has been cast by Christopher Nolan in the third Batman film. There are no details on the role, or whether it is a villain or other part. This is magnificent news, and not at all surprising. Mr. Hardy was great in Inception —  but then, he’s one of the best of the new crop of potential leading men. Let’s hope he’s a villain in this picture, as his turn in Bronson suggests he would devour the role like a steak.

Tom Hardy just shot a part in Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and is now under the direction of McG in This Means War, opposite Chris Pine.

Huge Rumor: ‘Batman 3’ to Feature Killer Croc?


For the past day, the big buzz on Christopher Nolan‘s third Batman film is that the film will shoot next April in Louisiana. The supposition for the Louisiana location, after the previous two films did so much photography in Chicago, is that Warner Bros. loves the tax breaks that helped out Green Lantern when it shot in the state earlier this year.

But what if the location also played into the incorporation of a particular character into the story? A Killer Croc might be at home in Louisiana swamps, yes? Let the speculation begin! (It already has; we’re just pushing you to talk about it.) Read More »

We’ve assumed that Christopher Nolan is pretty much a lock to direct the third Batman movie — the entire industry has assumed so, based on comments made by Nolan and Warner Bros. — even if there has been no official statement to that effect. Now there’s the closest thing we’ve had to an official announcement, as Nolan recently told Empire that it is safe to assume he’s directing. Read More »

Christopher Nolan's Inception

One vaguely disappointing aspect of Christopher Nolan‘s film Inception was that, despite a lengthy video-game inspired training sequence in which Leonardo DiCaprio teaches Ellen Page how to physically manipulate a dream world, there isn’t much of that large-scale manipulation in the scenes that follow. (There’s a lot of flying about, yes, but not so much of the street-bending stuff.)

A perfect home for further street-warping adventures in the world of dreams would be a video game. Don’t worry: Christopher Nolan is (possibly) way ahead of us in thinking about it. Read More »

Christopher Nolan

It’s like a miniature Page 2 right here (that’ll return as fall hits and smaller stories start to fly) with three short stories and/or rumors on a very slow news day. (Welcome to August, where in a lot of places it is just hot enough that no one wants to do much, even if it involves making deals.)

First up, there’s a new Batman 3 rumor for today, which says that up to half the production might shoot in New Orleans and surrounding Louisiana. WB’s Green Lantern has been shooting there and enjoying big tax breaks from the city and state. That leads to the story that WB will keep on taking advantage of the tax breaks for Batman 3, which is certain to be rather expensive. Every penny saved will count.

But Batman‘s home via Christopher Nolan has been Chicago and much of the film will still shoot in that city. I wouldn’t be averse to the New Orleans locations, though, if this turns out to be true. Would add some visual spice to the picture. [CBR]

After the break, Avatar sequels are rumored to shoot back to back, and Noah Baumbach rewrites for DreamWorks. Read More »


Fans have been hungry for reliable info on Batman 3, but while presumed director Christopher Nolan finished his latest movie, Inception, he was reluctant to talk about the third film in his Batman series. Now that Inception is out and making money, it’s time for Batman 3 to kick into gear. Accordingly, we’ve got some new info: Nolan’s cinematographer Wally Pfister talks about ambitious desires for the use of IMAX in the third film.

And, probably more important to most of you, is a report, a bit more reliable than most, that says at least one of the villains in the film will be the Riddler, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt a prime candidate to play him. Read More »

Christopher Nolan

While making the press rounds for Inception, director Christopher Nolan hasn’t said much about the planned Batman Begins/The Dark Knight sequel (due out in Summer 2012) or the Superman film he’s attached to produce. Part of that reason is that Nolan doesn’t do interviews with online websites, which are more likely to ask about the upcoming comic book sequel. And while Nolan has been asked about the upcoming project once or twice by mainstream press (or MTV online using the guise of MTV News television to ask the questions), I must warn you — the filmmaker hasn’t revealed much.
Read More »

Christopher Nolan

Though many of us would like this not to be the case, 3D isn’t going anywhere. In the past year, as the format has really exploded in Hollywood, The Dark Knight and Inception director Christopher Nolan has emerged as a figurehead representing old-school blockbusters. The director loves shooting film, as opposed to digital HD or other formats, and resisted releasing this summer’s Inception as a 3D film. So can we expect him to be the anti-3D standard bearer into the future? Probably not.

Speaking during a Q&A at the Hero Complex Film Festival this past weekend, Nolan said “I’m not a huge fan of 3D,” but suggested that there was significant studio pressure to turn out a 3D film anyway, as he admitted that he’d done conversion tests on footage from Inception and would eventually likely release a film in 3D. Read More »

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Briefly: Just as we’re talking about rumors of the casting for Christopher Nolan‘s third Batman movie, there’s word on the start date for the film’s production. In a rather offhand comment in the LA Times Hero Complex blog (via The Film Stage), Geoff Boucher mentions that he’ll be interviewing Nolan this weekend, and plans to asking him about Batman 3, “which starts shooting in March.”

That’s the first we’ve heard of a start date for the film, which already has a planned release date of July 20, 2012. We don’t know if the LAT has hard and fast info about the schedule, if that is a projected start date, etc. We’ll update when possible.