The Duplass Brothers Podcast

Podcasts were already enjoying something of a resurgence in popularity and quality before the pandemic hit. Now in the age of coronavirus, their audiences have grown even more as people are desperate to find new entertainment to keep them occupied while being stuck at home. With podcasts and audio storytelling at large earning more attention from listeners, they’re also drawing in even more big name talent to make them, and the filmmaking duo the Duplass Brothers and Star Wars hero Daisy Ridley are the latest to join the audio game. Read More »

the sandman james mcavoy

Taking on the role of Morpheus in The Sandman is a daunting task for any actor. It’s not just because the character has never been seen beyond the comic book page before, nor because it’s hard for any human actor to try to put themselves into the role of an immortal, anthropomorphic personification of Dreams. For James McAvoy, who plays the lead character in the Sandman audio drama for Audible, it was particularly difficult to play a character who was so inhuman and so silent — two very difficult elements to convey across the medium of audio. But McAvoy was up for the challenge, and up for the honor of being the first actor to ever portray Morpheus in an adaptation.

“Personally what I love about Gaiman’s writing [is not only] the strange fantastical worlds, but actually characters that you can identify with,” McAvoy said in a roundtable press conference over the phone ahead of the release of The Sandman audio drama. “Even if they are the lords of the Dream Realm and they’re not strictly human, there’s just something that compels you and brings you into them.”

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DC Comics Podcasts on Spotify

In the future, everyone will have a podcast. If there wasn’t already a plethora of podcasts available before the coronavirus pandemic, the quarantine has certainly inspired a whole swath of new audio entertainment to fight for our attention. Even media giants are getting in on the latest rise in podcast popularity, and Spotify and Audible will be adding more to the bunch.

Spotify has just struck a deal with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment that will bring the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, The Joker and many more DC Comics characters into the podcast arena with an annual slate of dramatic and comedic scripted audio programming. Meanwhile, over at Audible, a handful of new shows starring Kevin Bacon, Alicia Silverstone, Christian Slater, Yvette Nicole Brown and more have just been announced.  Read More »

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg

With all of the traditional movies, TV shows and various other media productions currently shut down, entertainers are taking matters into their own hands by creating projects from the comfort of their home. Since distributors need new content to push to consumers, many of them are getting picked up for mass consumption, and we’ve got a new line-up of TV shows, live streams, and podcasts on the way featuring the likes of Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, Amy Schumer, The Comedy Store, Cedric the Entertainer, and more. Find out more about them below. Read More »