Secret Society of Second-Born Royals Trailer

So far, Disney+ hasn’t made much of a splash with their original movies. The remake of Lady and the Tramp, the holiday comedy Noelle, the nature adventure Togo, the family comedy Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made, and the adaptation of Stargirl (not the DC Comics character) all came and went without much pomp and circumstance. Now, it looks like another Disney+ original movie is likely to follow in their footsteps.

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals is not only a mouthful of a title, but the premise sounds like a lot of nonsense too. The Disney+ original movie focuses on a group of teens who are the second-born children of royal lineage. That means they don’t get to become kings and queens, but are relegated to only being princes and princesses. But what they come to find out is that being second-born just might be a better, albeit much more dangerous, as they are given superpowers and the responsibility of protecting the world from anyone who might threaten it. Read More »

Remaking The Breakfast Club in an Airport?

Breakfast Club in an Airport?McG protege and music video helmer Anna Mastro has signed on to direct Bumped, a modern-day version of The Breakfast Club, from a script by Lizzy Weiss. The plot is described as:

“A comedy-drama revolving around five twentysomethings — including a corporate go-getter, a musician and a flirt — who normally wouldn’t be friends but who get to know one another when they’re bumped from a flight and wind up stranded at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.”

Discuss: Do we really need a modern-day remake of The Breaakfast Club? And if so, do we really want a protege of McG to direct it?

source: THR