‘Kidnapped’ Trailer [Updated]

We’ve run two trailers for the home invasion film Kidnapped in the past, but it’s possible that you’ve passed over them. In the past few weeks, however, the buzz among horror enthusiasts has risen steadily in relation to the film — it seems like every time I hit a site that covers films like Kidnapped there is someone writing with gusto about their reaction to the movie. It’s a pretty simple setup: a small family’s evening is violently disrupted when masked men invade their home. There are a couple of unique things about the movie, and it evidently builds to an insane conclusion.

IFC is releasing it in June, and there is a new trailer to accompany that release. But be warned: the Spanish-language film is not subtitled, but dubbed in this trailer. I don’t understand that at all — the dubbing is simply awful. So you may want to watch the last Spanish trailer that was released, which I’ve also embedded after the break.

UPDATE: IFC wrote me this morning to say that the original dubbed trailer posted to Apple was a mistake, and that it has been replaced with the proper dubbed one. Read More »