/Filmcast Ep. 493 – Overlord

overlord trailer

Jeff stays strong amid the wildfire raging near his house. The cast discuss Girl in the Spider’s Web, Midnight Diner, Bodyguard and end with an in-depth review of the war-horror film Overlord. David and Jeff challenge Liev Schreiber’s Michael Barbaro impression on SNL… tune in to decide who wins the “Barbar-off.”

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american vandal canceled

A true crime has been committed by Netflix. The streaming giant has canceled the critically acclaimed mockumentary series American Vandal after two seasons. But things aren’t looking completely shitty for the hilarious high school-set satire of the true crime genre. Though American Vandal may be canceled at Netflix, the series could potentially be picked up by another platform.

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American Vandal season 2 reviews

The first season of American Vandal took us all by surprise. A show that appeared to be nothing more than a surface-level, stylistic joke poking fun at the popularity of true crime documentaries proved to be so much more than that. It was a hilarious satire, yes, but it also became an unexpectedly powerful exploration of how a person functions after society leaves them behind, and an insightful look at the modern high school experience. And now it’s coming back for a second season.

American Vandal season 2 reviews have started to arrive, and you can find out what critics are saying about the new episodes below. Does it live up to season 1?
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American Vandal Season 2 trailer

The American Vandal season 2 trailer is here, unleashing a whole-new (and hilarious) “true crime” mystery. The second season of Netflix’s true crime parody show moves beyond the question “Who drew the dicks?” and asks: “Who is the Turd Burglar?” Watch the trailer below.

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2018 Emmys Snubs and Surprises

The nominations for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards were announced this morning, and with so many TV shows out there for us to binge, there were bound to be some snubs. But thankfully, along with some of the TV shows and talents that didn’t get recognized by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, there were also some surprises that we weren’t expecting to land nominations.

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best Netflix original true crime

Netflix has turned true crime documentaries into must-binge-TV. With a series of films and docu-series, the streaming service rejuvenated the somewhat stale sub-genre, churning out stunning, shocking works that resonate in ways many past true crime docs haven’t. This week, Netflix has revived a classic true crime docu-series – The Staircaseadding new episodes to the previously-completed show. Now, The Staircase grows an ever-crowded line-up of Netflix true crime docs.

Sorting through all of these documentaries and docu-series to find the good stuff can be a bit overwhelming. With that in mind, I’ve checked my sources, pinned a bunch of notes up on a cork-board, connected all those notes with string, and compiled a list of the best Netflix original true crime documentaries.

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American Vandal season 2

Who did the dicks? It’s a question that’s been burning its way across the internet ever since last month’s release of the first season of American Vandal, Netflix’s satirical mockumentary series that pokes fun at true crime properties like Serial, Making a Murderer, The Keepers, and The Jinx. And now there’s good news for those who are looking for another deep dive into the mysterious underbelly of Hanover High School’s students: American Vandal season 2 has just been officially announced, and it’s coming to Netflix next year. Check out a quick announcement video below.
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American Vandal trailer

With Making a Murderer, Amanda Knox, and The Keepers, Netflix has fully embraced the true crime documentary format in a big way, and those projects generated significant buzz surrounding the streaming service.

At first glance, their new docu-series American Vandal looks like another project that fits alongside the aforementioned docs, but it wasn’t long before I realized this show – which, yes, centers on spray-painted penis drawings – is actually Netflix’s way of satirically mocking the very format it’s seemingly leaned into in the past few years.
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