American Gladiators Documentary

ESPN has released some of the best sports documentaries out there with their ongoing 30 for 30 series. Last year, they tackled Bruce Lee with Be Water, the home run battle between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in Long Gone Summer, and the career and controversy stirred up by cyclist Lance Armstrong in Lance. But soon they’ll dig into a cross-section of pop culture and sports that was a huge hit back in the 1990s.

American Gladiators, the hit athletic competition series that ran from 1989 through 1996, will be the subject of a new 30 for 30 documentary from Vice Studios, ESPN Films, and director Ben Berman, who was at the helm of The Amazing Jonathan Documentary from 2019. Read More »

American Gladiators Reboot

Longtime collaborators Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg have worn a lot of hats over the years. They’ve worked together as co-writers and co-produers on projects like Superbad, Pineapple Express, and Sausage Party, and they both wrote, produced and directed the stellar apocalyptic comedy This Is The End. Lately, the two have been dabbling on television with adaptations of Preacher and The Boys, but now they’re doing something much different on the small screen.

MGM is shopping around a reboot of the physical competition series American Gladiators, and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are said to be on board as executive producers. Read More »

American Gladiators

In May we told you that Hollywood was going to develop a movie based on the television show American Gladiators. I had hoped it would be one of those projects that would slip into nothingness, never to be heard from again. Not so…

Patriot Games/Varsity Blues scribe Peter Iliff will write a screenplay based on an idea by former Legendary Pictures chief marketing officer Scott Mednickis (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) who is producing the feature. Iliff is probably best known for writing Point Break, and recently wrote the upcoming sequel Point Break Indo.

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American Gladiators: The Movie?

American Gladiators

Many people believe that Hollywood, for the most part, is out of new ideas. Recently the big movie studios have been rumaging through popular board games and action figure properties for the next big blockbuster film. And now we learn that former Legendary Pictures chief marketing officer Scott Mednickis is developing an idea based on the television show American Gladiators.

An American Gladiators movie? Really?
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/Film reader Tony P sends along word that Mike O’Hearn, otherwise known as “Titan” on NBC’s American Gladiators, was on the Todd n’ Tyler radio show (in Omaha) this morning making some pretty big claims about his upcoming Hollywood plans. He claims that he has a meeting at 11:00am this morning to be the lead in Lionsgate’s upcoming reboot of Conan. Not only that, I heard the audio from the program and “Titan” insists that he has already passed the audition stage.

“Today’s not even an audition. They’re bringing me in today just to sit me down and talk. How about that? It’s even better than an audition!

And if he doesn’t take that deal, O’Hearn has a casting session scheduled for Marvel Studios’ big screen adaptation of Captain America.

Update: Stephanie from IESB reminds me that Mike appeared on Dr. Drew in May and gave the same exact story, that he would be reading for the part of Captain America “next week.” So either O’Hearn’s audition was delayed two months, he is being brought back in again, or it’s just a story he’s making up to get his name on the blog sites. You decide.

O’Hearn played Kane the Barbarian in the 2003 direct to dvd movie Barbarian. He also has acting experience on Days of Our Lives, TV: The Movie, and fanboys might remember Mike as Superman/Clark Kent in Sandy Collera’s 2004 fan film World’s Finest.

Discuss: What do you think? Would you rather see O’Hearn as Conan or Captain America? Or would you rather see him stick to American Gladiators?