While Netflix may be the venue of choice for many people looking to watch films online, those of us who don’t want to shell out $9/month may often find themselves resorting to other, less costly options. Hulu is obviously a major presence in this space, with a substantial catalog of classic films already available for free, but one player that emerged late last summer is Youtube, which debuted the Youtube Screening Room last June. While it doesn’t have hits like John Carpenter’s “The Thing” or Doug Liman’s “Go,” it does feature fare that’s equally effective and occasionally much more bold (e.g. the fascinating documentary Crazy Love)

This month, in appreciation of Black History Month, Youtube and Grey Goose Vodka are working in conjunction to host four independent films that examine black history. The films will be available from January 30th through February 12th. Grey Goose is currently one of the /Film’s sponsors, and as part of that sponsorship, they have asked us to write about the films that are being presented in this series. Hit the jump for plot descriptions and some thoughts on each film.
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