Things Heard and Seen Trailer

Fresh off her Oscar nomination for Mank, Amanda Seyfried has another Netflix movie on the way – Things Heard and Seen, a thriller based on the Elizabeth Brundage novel All Things Cease to Appear. Seyfried plays one half of a New York couple who move into a historic house in the Hudson Valley, only to discover the house has a dark, creepy history – and that it may be haunted. Watch the Things Heard and Seen trailer.

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Amanda Seyfried to Lead The Dropout Series

Last month, Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon lived up to the titular role of Hulu’s upcoming limited series The Dropout by dropping out of the lead role of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the deceptive biotech start-up company Theranos. However, Hulu has landed Amanda Seyfried, fresh off her Oscar nomination for Mank, to star in the series instead. Read More »

david fincher on hollywood

I’m tipsy, and I’m thinking about Mank, both the movie and the man. I like to think he’d enjoy the thought of somebody drinking and writing about a portrayal of himself almost 70 years after his death. Maybe I’m wrong. What I do know is that Mank is a great movie.

Mank is also Fincher’s most revealing work to date. It is an epic drama that conveys what he has to say about films and the people behind them. Fincher isn’t exactly known for his warmth as a storyteller. The ending of The Game and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are the possible exceptions, but even those are about how death is coming for us all. Mank is a rare life-affirming experience from the filmmaker, about the importance of people, not films. 

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amanda seyfried guardians of the galaxy

Amanda Seyfried never really went away, exactly, but she’s been having herself a nice little “comeback” recently. She’s turned in great work in films like First ReformedTwin Peaks, and this year’s Mank (and, yes, the Mama Mia! films). And at one point, she was almost part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, too. Seyfried has previously commented on turning down the role of Gamora in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and in a new interview, she goes into more detail as to why: she was worried the movie was going to bomb.

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david fincher mank takes

You know the drill: anytime there’s a new David Fincher movie we are all required by law to talk about how many takes he shot. Cast members of the film in question come forward and say, “I shot a lot of takes!” We report it. Fincher rolls his eyes. Then we move on, only to revisit the story again whenever Fincher gets around to making another movie. After taking a hiatus from feature films, Fincher is back this year with Mank, and sure enough, stories are starting to trickle in about Fincher and all his damn scene takes.

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mank review

“It isn’t enough to tell us what a man did. You’ve got to tell us who he was.” – Citizen Kane

Herman J. Mankiewicz, genius Hollywood screenwriter, has been sent away to Arizona. Broken – his leg is in a thick cast following a car accident – and eager to get drunk at the drop of a hat, Mank – as everyone calls him – has been tasked with hammering out a screenplay for Hollywood’s new golden boy, Orson Welles. And Mank has a whopper of an idea: he’s going to write about newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, one of the most powerful men in the country. It’s a subject Mank is well-versed in, having spent countless nights drunkenly cavorting at Hearst’s castle-like estate San Simeon. Mank knows Hearst. Knows the people in Hearst’s inner-circle. And with his clacking typewriter, he’s going to destroy them all – and possibly himself, in the process.

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Mank First Look Photos

Director David Fincher is back with his first feature film since Gone Girl in 2016. The film is called Mank, and Netflix will be releasing it this fall, hoping to get some awards season glory with a story about screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz as he worked on the screenplay for the influential Hollywood classic Citizen Kane, directed by Orson Welles.

In honor of the 79th anniversary of the wide release of Citizen Kane, Netflix released a batch of Mank first look photos, revealing Gary Oldman as Mankiewicz, as well as Amanda Seyfried, Charles Dance, and Lily Collins, all in glorious black and white photography. Read More »

Female Blumhouse Directors

How much of an introduction does a producer like Jason Blum really need? We all know the name Blumhouse Productions, the production company Blum founded 20 years ago. It was in 2009 the company exploded and discovered a winning formula in modestly budgeted horror movies with low risks and potentially high rewards. Now, Blumhouse is a company whose name attracts as many moviegoers, if not more so, than most name actors. 

The latest Blumhouse Production is You Should Have Left, which is writer-director David Koepp returning to Stir of Echoes territory with his leading man, Kevin Bacon. The story is set almost entirely in a house where Bacon can’t escape the past. Based on a german novella by writer Daniel Kehlmann, it’s a modern spin on “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Recently, we talked to Jason Blum about the atmospheric horror movie, daily operations at Blumhouse, reopening theaters, VOD, and more. 

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mank takes

David Fincher is known for shooting many, many, many takes until he gets what he wants. And it looks like he hasn’t changed. Fincher’s return to feature directing, Mank, is due out on Netflix this year, and according to star Amanda Seyfried, one of her scenes required – at least in Fincher’s eyes – 200 takes and about an entire week to film.

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you should have left featurette

Sometimes the worst demons in a horror movie aren’t the ones that terrorize you from within a haunted house, but the personal ones you harbor. In You Should Have Left, we get a little bit of both, as Kevin Bacon plays a man who books a vacation house with his wife and child, and finds that his inner demons are becoming startlingly real. Universal has released a You Should Have Left featurette that gives the spotlight to the beautiful but sinister house Bacon and Amanda Seyfried move into. Watch the You Should Have Left featurette below.

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