Of course the big news this month is J.J. Abrams‘ hiring as the Episode VII director, but if you’re curious about what else is going on in the world of Star Wars we have several other odds and ends for you. After the jump:

  • Robert Rodriguez would direct a Han Solo spinoff
  • Cartoon Network will air LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles
  • Terence Stamp does not have fond memories of Episode I
  • George Lucas will appear in a doc about his daughter, who is an MMA fighter
  • Preview Hasbro’s new Star Wars Black Series action figure line
  • Keri Russell would love to reunite with J.J. Abrams (hint, hint)
  • And, oh look, StarWars.com has undergone a facelift.

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Transformers. Real Steel. Robot Jox. Movies that fulfill the boyhood promise of toys like Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots. A promise that one day real robots would really fight. It’s a promise that, until now, has only been possible in the movies or on a small scale, like with Battle Bots. The next step in that robot evolution takes place in 2013 as SyFy has just green lit Robot Combat League, which premieres February 26. Hosted by WWE superstar Chris Jericho, it features large robots very similar to the ones recently seen in Real Steel duking it out, controlled by a shadow boxing operator. See more photos and read a bunch of additional details after the jump. Read More »

Trivia: George Lucas's Daughter is an MMA Fighter

Amanda Lucas, the 27-year-old daughter of George Lucas, made her mixed martial arts debut in Auckland New Zealand on Saturday night under the stage name Amanda “Powerhouse” Lucas. The billionaire filmmaker’s daughter took on Australian kickboxer Nicole Kavanagh in a 73kg MMA contest at the Auckland Boxing Association Stadium. Apparently Amanda, who appeared in minor cameo roles in the three Star Wars prequels, was a hip-hop teacher in San Francisco but had years of martial arts training including kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian ju-jitsu. In the Star Wars films, Amanda appeared as a dancer in The Phantom Menace, an Outlander Club patron in Attack of the Clones, and Senator Terr Taneel in Revenge of the Sith. The fight will be part of a new reality television series planned around the formation of this new all-woman MMA league.

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