Escape From Tomorrow still

The first wave of films for Fantastic Fest 2013 was good. The second wave looked great. And now the third one proves why this little film festival in Austin is truly one of the best in the country.

Escape From Tomorrow (above), The Zero Theorem, Metallica Through The Never, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Gatchaman and Jodorowsky’s Dune are just a few of the new films announced for the festival, which takes place September 19 – 26 at Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline in Austin, Texas.

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All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

This weekend marks the release of You’re Next, which made its festival debut in 2011 and has had horror fans waiting for two years. But there’s also new materials for a delayed festival horror fave that has been waiting even longer for release.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane was the feature debut of Jonathan Levine, who has gone on to make The Wackness, 50/50, and Warm Bodies. The film debuted at TIFF in 2006, where the Midnight Madness crowd ate it up. (I was there; it was a fun show.) Amber Heard takes an early starring role as a girl who is the center of attention in her high school, and who finds herself at a secluded weekend party where attendees are being violently dispatched.

Years of difficulty with distributors has kept the film off screens in the US even as it has been released in other countries. The film finally hits VOD on September 6, with a limited theatrical release planned for October 11th. There’s a new official US trailer to promote that release, which you can see below. Read More »

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Over the past several years, we’ve watched as director Jonathan Levine has climbed up the Hollywood ranks. His ’90s indie drama The Wackness received lots of praise, as did his cancer comedy 50/50, and he even managed to find new life in the paranormal romance subgenre this year with Warm Bodies.

However, we in the States have so far been denied the pleasure of seeing where it all began. Levine’s directorial debut All the Boys Love Mandy Lane garnered enough positive buzz on the festival circuit in 2006 that Dimension Films scooped up the distribution rights, but the company never actually got around to releasing the film. And so it is that, seven years later, RADiUS-TWC has only just scheduled a U.S. premiere date for the movie.

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In 2006 the film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane generated some buzz in the midnight program at Toronto. The director, Jonathan Levine, went on to make films such as The Wackness, 50/50, and Warm Bodies, and star Amber Heard made her way into other genre fare including Zombieland and Drive Angry, as well as films such as The Rum Diary.

Harvey Weinstein lined up to buy All the Boys Love Mandy Lane at TIFF, and his Dimension label walked away with the distribution rights. But the failure of Grindhouse cooled Weinstein’s interest in the movie, and it was sold to Senator, which proceeded to do nothing with the film. For seven years it has collected dust on a shelf.

Now, ironically, Radius-TWC, the digital arm of The Weinstein Company. has picked up the Mandy Lane rights, and the film will finally be released this year. Read More »


Over the last few months, it’s been revealed that the first entry in the new Scream trilogy, aka Scream 4, is set in Sidney Prescott’s hometown roughly a decade after Scream 3. And contrary to old rumors, the first film will not be in 3D. Courtney Cox and David Arquette were signed to reprise their roles from the get-go, and following a prolonged declination, Neve Campbell signed much to the relief of writer/creator, Kevin Williamson. (He had expressed dismay on Twitter at rewriting the trilogy without her). The final puzzle piece, Wes Craven, remains in talks to direct, which is arguably the most important to its success besides the script(s).

But that still leaves doubt as to whether Williamson—who’s had renewed Dawson’s Creek-like success with the CW’s Vampire Diariesstill possesses an irreverent sensibility to update the franchise for a contemporary world of tailspin pop culture and younger, less established horror tropes. Williamson has now revealed several of his influences for the first film, and expressed the complexity of achieving the right tone…

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More Wackness: Mandy Lane Gets Dumped?

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

If you’ve been reading /Film for a while, than you know that I fell in love with Jonathan Levine‘s The Wackness at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Levine made his feature directorial debut with a horror thriller titled All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. The film premiered at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival and was greeted with possitive buzz. James Rocchi said it was “the best modern slasher flick since Scream,” and Scott Weinberg called it a “thinking man’s slasher flick.” The Weinstein Co’s Dimension Films label was originally set to release the film in 2007. The lackluster performance of Grindhouse forced the studio to sell the film, among other horror movies, to Senator Entertainment. A release date was announced, and moved back. July 17th 2009 was to be the day that the film would hit theaters domestically. But not anymore.
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It seems very clear to me that movie studios don’t have any clue how to market any of Jonathan Levine‘s film s so far. I’ve been waiting to see All the Boys Love Mandy Lane for what seems like forever. It has suffered delay after delay. And the current plan is to release it in August. I think Senator is hoping that the buzz from Levine’s second film The Wackness will direct filmgoers to Mandy. One thing is for sure, this gritty rip-off of the Funny Games poster (which premiered on Shock) probably isn’t the right direction. I mean, how much money did Funny Games make exactly? $1.29 million?

Film Blather says “What distinguishes it from the slasher flock, however, isn’t its kills, but its smarts: the extent to which it taps into the high school psyche and recontextualizes its usual sex-alcohol-and-drugs temptations.” Cinematical’s James Rocchi calls it “the best modern slasher flick since Scream.” Watch the first ten minutes of the film on YouTube.


Well, it came and it gave without takin’, and two years later we’re still waiting for All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, the highly regarded teen slasher from director Jonathan Levine. You’ve seen his name around because Levine followed up Mandy with The Wackness, one of the most buzzed-about films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Why the delay? Well, the Weinstein Co. and Levine had a falling out after he refused to cut the gore (fight the power!), but all seems to be well as Mandy is finally seeing a release in the states this year on March 7th through Senator International, and on February 15th in the UK.

The film’s first 10 minutes are now online, and set up an Aaron Spelling-ish pool scene with an eerie something’s-off undercurrent. Worth watching, but don’t expect to glimpse any of the rumored brilliance or unrumored wackness.

Watch the first 10 Minutes now on Yahoo! UK

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Delayed

 All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

I was actually interested to see All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. My press screening was scheduled for Friday (today by the time you read this), but was canceled just hours before. Why? Apparently the film will no longer be released on July 20th and no new release date has yet been announced. My sources tell me that the film might not even get released on the big screen (this has not been officially confirmed). Jonathan Levine’s slasher flick was actually getting some descent reviews. I wonder what happened. Anyone have any idea?

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