alice wu interview

Alice Wu thought she was done with Hollywood for good. After directing the lesbian romantic dramedy Saving Face to critical acclaim in 2004, which was partly inspired by her own coming-out experiences, Wu left the industry to take care of her mother.

“I was just really living my life and it was a very rich time getting to reconnect with my mom as an adult,” Wu told /Film in a phone interview ahead of the premiere of Netflix’s The Half of It, her first feature film in 16 years. But the idea that would become The Half of It, a charming teen romantic-comedy riff of Cyrano de Bergerac with an LGBTQ twist, was bouncing around her head for many of those years. “The idea for The Half of It was something that I thought of maybe eight or nine years ago, and it’s just been hanging around my head, I kept not doing anything with it. I wasn’t writing at all,” Wu said.

But a few years ago, she had a “come to Jesus” moment, Wu said. “My mom’s health has gotten better, I just gotten out of a relationship that I had been in a really long time, and I sort of realized, what am I doing with my life?” Wu described. “Like is my role in life just supposed to be trying to be someone’s good daughter or someone’s good girlfriend? Is there something I could be doing? And that’s when I started writing again.”

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