The first teaser for Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland left me scratching my head a little. That may have partly down to incomplete effects, but some of it was down to the unexpected aesthetic. By the time the next trailers rolled around, however, the images and I were ready to meet in the middle.

After the break are a series of big, big pictures that showcase the White Rabbit, the March Hare, the Dormouse and the Cheshire Cat, and a smaller one of the Caterpillar. Looking at these new hi-res images of itchy critters, I’m properly on side with the picture. There’s a richness to the images, and a consistency.

Burton’s tastes are evolving slowly, I think. I see similarities between this film and the sea-side fantasies in Sweeney Todd, likely influenced in part by Dariusz Wolski, Burton’s cinematographer on just these two films. There’s a crushed and textured, desaturated style here that nicely complements his career-long love of stark contrasts and emo-inspiring gothic detailing.

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