quibi free trial

Was there ever a new brand with worse timing than Quibi? Quibi, a mobile streaming platform dreamed up by Jeffrey Katzenberg and supported by dozens of high-profile stars and filmmakers, was supposed to be the next big thing — by making content much, much smaller. On paper, it’s an interesting idea: a streaming platform for the commuter, for people to watch on the subway or in the office bathroom stall. But there’s no way of knowing whether people would’ve gotten over the dumb name and latched onto Quibi’s concept, because the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit. And suddenly, the commuters that Quibi was targeting as its key demographic were all stuck at home.

Understandably, subscribers would be frustrated when they opened up Quibi on their smartphones and found that it could not be played on their nice living room TVs, which are doing extra work during lockdown. It was just one more hit against Quibi, which disappointed with its originals shows and rollout and was unable to played on televisions upon launch. But Quibi is slowly grasping for relevance once again, by adding Airplay support to its app. Now it will be a fraction more watchable, at least, for iPhone users.

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