Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Details

“How could there be no film center in the global center of film?”

That was a question Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos had when he first moved to Los Angeles in the late 1990s and discovered that the entertainment capital of the world was sorely lacking, in his words, “a place to dive deeper, to learn more, to fully immerse myself in the stories behind the movies.” After more than 15 years of development, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is finally poised to open this fall and become the world’s premier museum dedicated to the art and science of movies.

Today, /Film attended a virtual tour of the new facility and learned about the programs and exhibitions its executives and programmers have planned. Read on for everything you need to know about the highly anticipated museum. Read More »

Academy Museum opening delayed

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures has been in the works for many years, but tourists and cinephiles are going to have to wait a few more months for it to finally open in Los Angeles.

Today, the Academy announced that the museum, which was most recently slated to open in April 2021, will now open its doors in September 2021 due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Get the details below. Read More »

Jaws shark

“Bruce,” the mechanical shark which gave a young Steven Spielberg and his crew so many problems on the set of 1975’s Jaws, has found a new home.

The only surviving model of the Jaws shark was acquired by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences four years ago and fully restored to its former glory last year, and now the Academy has released a video showcasing Bruce’s transportation and installation at the soon-to-open Academy Museum in Los Angeles. The shark is so big that it wouldn’t fit in the building’s elevators, so a crew had to remove windows and use a crane to lift it into the building. Check out the video below.

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jaws shark restored

You’re going to need a bigger museum exhibit for a newly restored mold of the Jaws shark. A mold of the mechanical sharks used in Steven Spielberg classic horror movie is fully restored and ready for its place at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. But don’t expect to stare into the gaping jaws of “Bruce” in person anytime soon — the Academy Museum, which was announced back in 2012, won’t be opening any time prior to the 92nd Oscars in February 2020.

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