The Force of Abrams Trailer

Though many fans cried foul when director J.J. Abrams ended up with the task of directing Star Wars: Episode VII after already being placed in charge of the rebooted Star Trek franchise, most would agree that the filmmaker delivered a fine starting point for the next era of both sci-fi franchises. And due to his success, the funny folks at Above Average imagine what it might be like if Abrams was tasked with fixing all the franchises, and maybe sexism and racism too.

Find out if J.J. Abrams can fix everything in Star Wars: The Force of Abrams trailer. Read More »

Pixar SadLab

Just recently a wonderful fanmade montage took a look at the range of emotions that have been on display in the 20 year history of Pixar Animation‘s feature films. It’s truly impressive how Pixar’s films have the power to make adults and kids run through the gamut of the emotional spectrum, and a new video finally explains how they do it.

The secret to Pixar’s emotional appeal is something called the SadLab, a group of people working to to discover new ways of making audiences cry as much as possible. The Pixar SadLab has been doing a pretty bang-up job so far. Read More »