Conan O'Brien Roasts Adam Sandler

First of all, yes, we’re as surprised as you are to learn that the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has an annual awards ceremony called the Movies for Grown Ups Awards. Quite literally, this is your father’s awards show. It’s also your grandfather’s awards show, not to mention your grandmother and your mother.

But don’t like the label fool you. The AARP had the wherewithal to award Adam Sandler the title of Best Actor. No, it’s not just because he starred in a movie called Grown Ups, but instead for his work in Uncut Gems, something the Academy Awards failed to even recognize with a nomination. This sparked a candid moment when Conan O’Brien took a moment to roast Adam Sandler as the actor tried to come up to accept the award too early. It’s a moment that will probably be better than anything we see at the Academy Awards this year. Watch as Conan O’Brien roasts Adam Sandler below. Read More »

Best Movie for Grownups Award

This just in: old people love The Irishman! I know these days we all like to sit around and say “Okay, boomer!” at the olds, but in this case, let’s all agree they got something right. The AARP’s 19th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards were held over the weekend, and Martin Scorsese‘s mob epic claimed the top honor. They also gave Adam Sandler Best Actor – a category the Academy didn’t even bother to nominate him in this year. Maybe we should all just ignore the Oscars this year and focus on the AARP. They might be on to something.

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