Sam Rockwell has been seen in a smiling, funny, and very good supporting role this year in The Way Way Back. Now here’s the grim opposite of that appearance. A Single Shot stars Rockwell as a hunter who hits the wrong prey when taking aim at an animal.

A new trailer has been released, and you can see it below. The last trailer for the movie was a teaser that emphasized mood over dialogue; this one gives you a much better sense of who the characters are, and precisely what sort of trouble they’re facing. William H. Macy shows up in a hell of a wig, and there are hints of appearances from actors like Jeffrey Wright and Jason Isaacs. But Rockwell looks like he owns the show (naturally) with an intense, desperate performance. Read More »


The big recent roles from Sam Rockwell have been comedic — think of his turn in Seven Psychopaths, his work in The Sitter, hell, even his Iron Man 2 performance had a comic tinge. And when audiences get a chance to see The Way Way Back later this year, they’ll see a very endearing and funny turn from the actor.

A Single Shot¬†appears to have only the smallest funny bone. It is an adaptation of a novel by Matthew F. Jones, in which a man (Rockwell) loses his family farm, and poaches game to survive. But things go bad when he takes aim at the wrong target. The trailer is very much in a sort of post-Malick mode, with a bit of dialogue setting the stage for a cascade of imagery backed by tense, insistent violins. It gives a sense of danger more than it conveys a full story. Read More »


It’s casting notes time again! First up, Michael Fassbender, the British film critic lieutenant from Inglourious Basterds, has been cast in the thriller A Single Shot, working under director David Jacobson. He’s appearing alongside a great cast: William H. Macy, Thomas Haden Church and a newly slim Forest Whitaker. (Seriously, check out this pic of Whitaker in The Experiment. Give the guy a sandwich!) Fassbender will be a poacher on the run from killers — we don’t yet know the killers, but it’s not difficult to speculate that Church and Whitaker might be the guys.[Variety]

After the break, more William H. Macy news, with Juno Temple, and an on-the-nose vampiric turn from the guy who reminded us that Bela Lugosi is dead. Read More »