Bruce McDonald Wants You to Fund His Film

I’ve just been tempted by something very exciting over at Twitch.

For a thousand dollars, one can become be an Executive Producer on Bruce McDonald‘s upcoming musical romance, A Love Supreme. Inspired by Chris Marker’s La Jetee, this won’t be “filmed” in the traditional sense, but instead be constructed from a series of around 20,000 still photographs. The film will be set in Toronto’s Little Italy and is pitched as being “about how a boy meets a girl through Jazz”. It is based upon a novel by Kent Nussey that has been compared to Camus, Beckett and Sartre. The necessary funds to complete filming seem to amount to no more than $20,000 dollars – Canadian, I assume?

Not rushing to get your checkbook? Then let me try and twist your arm with some video clips of Ellen Page and zombie invasions, as well as a short test piece of the film itself…

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