Star Wars Speedrun

1A4 Studio is back at it again, and this time they’re going to a galaxy, far, far away. The black and white animation team who’ve made “Speedruns” of The Matrix and Back to the Future have now tackled one of, if not the most beloved films of all time: George Lucas’ Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. They’ve animated the entire 1977 classic in 60 seconds. It’s fantastic. Check it out below. Read More »

Watch: ‘The Matrix’ in 60 Seconds

We’ve been watching with interest as the Wachowskis move forward on their next film, Jupiter Ascending, but it’ll be some time yet before we find out how their efforts actually pan out. The project hasn’t begun shooting, and likely won’t hit theaters until 2014 or later. In the meantime, then, we can look back at the film that started it all — The Matrix.

While the sci-fi actioner wasn’t the Wachowskis’ first directorial effort, it was the one that made the siblings a household name. At over two hours long, though, it’s not the easiest film to revisit on a hectic weekday evening. Fortunately, this new speedrun by 1A4 Studio provides a handy refresher in just 60 seconds. Hit the jump to watch.

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