Michael Boyle

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New York
SUNY Binghamton
The Scream Franchise, HBO Dramas, Saturday Night Live
  • Michael spent a few years working as an editor specializing in Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels, work that translates surprisingly well to writing about TV and film.
  • Michael has interviewed screenwriters and actors such as Elegance Bratton, Sarah Chalke, and Gabrielle Union.
  • If a movie or show is based off a book, Michael’s read the book already.


Michael has always loved to read critical pieces about TV and film, and then one day he realized he could write them as well. He started off writing for various entertainment outlets about shows like “Saturday Night Live,” “Euphoria” and “Rick and Morty,” before finally getting a writing position at /Film. Now you can regularly find him here, passionately defending controversial TV finales and providing in-depth explanations for why certain sequel films are unfairly maligned.


Michael has bachelor's degree in English from SUNY Binghamton.
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