Danielle Ryan

Madison, WI
Georgia Gwinnett College
Genre Movies, Tv, Indie Comics
  • Danielle is an expert in controversial cinema and television. She is fascinated by public reaction to taboo subjects and seeks to understand why we react the way we do.
  • She is also a scholar of trauma and mental health issues, studying the way people use entertainment to process reality.
  • On top of thinking deeply about entertainment, Danielle also enjoys the more surface-level pleasures of movies and TV. She has worked on several sets and has inside knowledge of the world of production.


Danielle is an experienced writer with bylines at The Washington Post, Fandom, Bustle, CNN, Paste Magazine, and more. She started her journey as a published writer on CHUD.com reviewing straight-to-DVD horror movies before starting her first column, examining controversial cinema and our reactions to it. She has a passion for shocking entertainment, discussions about mental health, and practical gore effects. She's a confessional writer who wears her heart on her sleeve while keeping her brain in the game.


Danielle has a Bachelor's of English with a concentration in writing and rhetoric. She won awards for her writing about film at the collegiate level.
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