Audrey Fox

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Boston, MA
Clark University
Harvard University
Classic Hollywood, Period Dramas, Star Wars
  • Audrey has interviewed some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Dan Stevens and Will Forte.
  • Her work at Jumpcut Online as a writer and editor contributed to the outlet winning an award in the group category at the UK Blog Awards in 2019.
  • Before following her passion for writing, Audrey worked at a casting office and a talent agency in New York, assisting on a number of independent films including Gun Hill Road, Union Square, and Musical Chairs.


Audrey is a writer who has worked in entertainment journalism for nearly a decade. She has contributed her film knowledge to outlets such as, Crooked Marquee, /Film, We Live Entertainment, Awards Circuit, IGN, and The Nerdist. She also worked as an assistant editor at Jumpcut Online for three years, helping to bring Jumpcut: The Magazine to life. Audrey has a wide range of interests in film, from German expressionism and the modern rom-com to the classic era of Hollywood studio filmmaking and Star Wars.


Audrey earned a bachelor's degree in film studies and history at Clark University, as well as a master's degree in international relations at Harvard University.
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