Vanessa Armstrong

Los Angeles, CA
Dartmouth College
Universe Of Michigan
Movies, TV, Books, Interviews, Reviews
  • Vanessa has conducted several interviews for larger reported pieces as well as standalone Q&As.
  • Vanessa reviews books, films, and television shows for /Film and
  • Vanessa covers all things pop culture, including conventions like San Diego Comic-Con, Dragon Con, and Wonder Con.


Vanessa is a freelance writer who focuses on pop culture, entertainment, and women's health. She is a regular contributor to /Film and SYFY WIRE and has bylines at The New York Times, The LA Times, Atlas Obscura, SELF, Glamour Magazine, and other outlets.


Vanessa's formal education in international policy and corporate strategy has nothing to do with her writing career. She wishes she saved the money and never got those degrees.
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