Ethan Anderton

LaPorte, IN
Purdue University
Movies, TV, Toys, Pop Culture
  • Ethan Anderton has been writing about movies and TV for over a decade as both a staff writer and editor.
  • Before becoming a senior writer for the /Film team, he wrote for FirstShowing, Collider, ScreenRant, and GeekNation.
  • He's also regularly provided first-hand coverage of Sundance Film Festival and San Diego Comic-Con, as well as reporting from the sets of various major motion pictures.


Ethan (aka Bradford Oman) has been writing professionally about movies and TV since 2009. He served as a staff writer and eventually managing editor of until 2015. During that time, Ethan also worked as a TV correspondent for Collider, ScreenRant and GeekNation. In 2015, he joined the /Film team, where he is now positioned as a senior writer and weekend editor. An obsession with movies, TV, pop culture and toys groomed him for this job his entire life, and it has allowed him to provide insightful and informative commentary on everything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Saturday Night Live. Ethan also loves to waste money on Star Wars figures, Funko POPs, vinyl soundtracks, and pop culture art. He regularly appears on the /Film Daily podcast, and he co-hosts his own podcast called Go Flix Yourself and morning radio show Ben, Brad & Beyond. He also can’t stop trying out new kinds of snacks and soft drinks. Seriously. He needs help.


Ethan earned a Bachelor's Degree in Film Studies from Purdue University. The Indiana college is known best for educating astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, but it also put Ethan into astronomical amounts of student loan debt and allowed him to eventually write about the movie titled Moon.
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