Adam Frazier

Charlotte, NC
Radford University
Star Wars, Horror, Marvel Comics
  • Adam Frazier has been a Star Wars fan for his entire life, opting to spend as much time possible in that galaxy far, far away.
  • Adam Frazier has been a lifelong fan of horror films. His favorites include Alien, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Return of the Living Dead, and Creature from the Black Lagoon.
  • Adam spent his adolescence reading comics and graphic novels and has a deep affection for Marvel and DC characters like Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, and Batman, as well as the films that comprise the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Adam Frazier grew up in the heart of Appalachia, dreaming of an escape from the crushing mundanity of the rural South through the works of visionaries like George Lucas, Stan Lee, Steven Spielberg, and Stephen King. A storyteller at heart, Adam currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina – the pimento cheese capital of the world – where he spends his time watching, writing, and writing about what he's watching.


Adam graduated cum laude from Radford University (2002-2006) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies with a concentration in Print Journalism.
Stories By Adam Frazier