The Expanse season 5 takes the crew of the Rocinante from the alien planet of Ilus back to our own Solar System. It’s not much of a spoiler, however, to suggest that things won’t go well for the crew just because they’re back home. Those who have seen the first three episodes of season 5, which dropped today on Amazon, know that this season will pack a wallop.

/Film had the opportunity to talk with showrunner Naren Shankar, as well as Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (AKA the writing duo of James S. A. Corey), executive producers and co-authors of the Expanse book series, about what’s in store for us in the upcoming episodes, as well as what fans can expect for the sixth and final season

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The fifth season of The Expanse doesn’t have much protomolecule action going on in it. In that regard, it’s different from season 4, where the crew of the Rocinante found themselves thousands of light-years from the solar system on a planet rife with ancient alien technology. 

But even though the protomolecule doesn’t directly interact with humans this season, it still remains the impetus of everything that comes to pass in the series’ latest 10 episodes (or the latest nine episodes, at least; the number that was made available for this non-spoiler review).

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The Magicians Fillory and Further Review

The news a month or so ago that this season of The Magicians would be the last has magically made “Fillory and Further” not only the season finale, but the series finale as well. It’s hard to say goodbye to this world and the effed up magicians who inhabit it. But all good things must come to an end, and so last night we said farewell to Brakebills, to Fillory (especially Fillory), and to the magical world on Earth existing just beyond our mere muggle purview. For the last time, let’s sort through what happened this episode, and what it means for the characters we’ve come to love. 

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The Magicians The Balls Review

If you ever wanted to watch a musical version of an Oceans movies set in a hotel not unlike The Continental from John Wick: Chapter 2, then look no further than this episode of The Magicians. We start “The Balls” in the gang’s New York City apartment, where Marina walks everyone else through the intricate plan they must enact in order to steal the World Seed from The Couple’s stronghold in the Nave Hotel. 

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The Magicians Be the Hyman Review

We only have three weeks left of The Magicians, and the eleventh episode, “Be The Hyman,” is one of those connector episodes, responsible mostly for setting the stage for what will be the climatic finale to the series. This type of episode is often enjoyable but not too meaty; what makes this one better than average, however, are not only some good moments and some fun cameos, but also the exploration about the lengths the gang will go to do what they think is right. 

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Westworld Season 3 Reading Guide

The much-anticipated third season premiere of Westworld dropped this Sunday, and while there’s still a lot we don’t know about what’s in store for the rest of the season, one thing is certain: we will have to wait another week to find out what happens next.

A week can be a long time, especially when a lot of us will be spending more time at home than usual. And while there is plenty of other things to watch on TV, if you’re looking for a different entertainment outlet and a bit more of that Westworld feeling, don’t fret—there are books! Several sci-fi stories capture the vibe of HBO’s Westworld. You can start with the obvious one—Michael Crichton’s 1974 eponymous screenplay—but there are many other books out there that will also help you scratch that “sentient human-like robots live among us and maybe want to destroy us and/or indirectly teach us what humanity actually means” itch. Read on for some book suggestions to get you through the week before the next episode. 

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The Magicians Purgatory Review

These last few episodes of this season’s The Magicians have taken on a bittersweet tinge after the news that Syfy hasn’t picked up the show for a sixth season. After last night’s episode, ironically called “Purgatory,” there are only two episodes left before what we now know will be the series finale on April 1. On the bright side, we can savor what we have left (including a musical episode that co-creator Sera Gamble has called the craziest one yet), and be thankful that the show’s five seasons will always be there, ready for us to re-watch whenever we want to reminisce with the characters we love.

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The Pale Horse Book Comparison

There are a lot of things in Amazon Prime Video’s The Pale Horse that differ from the Agatha Christie book it’s ostensibly based on. The television show, for one (see /Film’s non-spoiler review of the series here), takes a much darker, psychological noir approach that focuses more on the moral rectitude of the characters than the whodunit of the mystery. 

The series’ shift in focus comes with multiple changes to the plot and the makeup of the original story’s key characters. The alternations are numerous, so many that outlining them all would result in an almost-book-length article on its own. Some of the major changes are worth noting though—case studies, if you will, of how the tone and intent of the two creative works take separate creative paths. Read on to learn about some of the key differences between the Amazon show and Agatha Christie’s book. 

And warning: major spoilers abound below for both.

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The Pale Horse Review

The Pale Horse, a two-part series now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, is loosely based on the eponymous book written by Agatha Christie. Those expecting a nail-biting whodunit filled with Christie’s trademark cheek, however, will not find that here. And that’s not a bad thing, necessarily, as some of the best film and TV adaptations out there drift far from their source material.

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The Magicians Cello Squirrel Daffodil Review

There’s a lot of Chatwin action in this week’s episode of The Magicians, “Cello Squirrel Daffodil,” and not the usual appreciated cameo we usually get each season from the time-turning hedge witch, Jane Chatwin.

One newly introduced Chatwin we spend time with is Plum Chatwin, Penny23’s traveler student who reappears in Brakebills three weeks after she first disappeared trying to find the source of the mysterious signal she keeps hearing. Plum’s time away from Brakebills is a blur—all she remembers is a room with no windows and no doors—and Penny23 decides she should travel back to the room and take him with her to gather more information.

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