Joshua Meyer

Joshua began writing about movies as a teenager, winning high school journalism awards from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and contributing to his college newspaper, the FSView. In 2008, before the first Iron Man movie, he appeared at FSU’s 33rd Annual Film and Literature Conference, where he gave a presentation entitled, “The Architect of a New Universe: Iron Man and the Post-Civil War Restructuring of Marvel.” In 2009, The Village Square – Tallahassee featured his contest-winning essay, “Credo,” on its blog as part of the film program, “Purple State of Mind: Finding Middle Ground in a Divided Culture.” Since moving to Japan in 2010, he has also taught English and done travel writing for Japan Today and other sites, with /Film being his main outlet for discussing and analyzing American pop culture. In 2018, his guide to “Lost in Translation” spots in Tokyo ranked as the #1 top-performing article by organic search on the GaijinPot Blog. More recently, he served as an editor for GPlusMedia on the Japan Tourism Agency’s 2020 signage project.

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