Joshua Meyer

Tokyo, Japan
Florida State University
Movies, TV, Comics, Theme Parks
  • Joshua has been a regular contributor to /Film since 2017, writing spoiler reviews, movie anniversary articles, and other sidebar features steeped in the genres of horror, religion, superheroes, and more.
  • He has also written about Japanese cinema and Disney parks for Japan Today, GaijinPot, and WDW News Today.
  • His TV and movie reviews have been blurbed and excerpted on Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and Wikipedia, and he has provided press-accredited coverage of the Tokyo International Film Festival.


Joshua began writing about entertainment as a teenager, winning high school journalism awards from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and contributing to his college newspaper, the FSView. In 2008, before the first Iron Man movie, he appeared at FSU’s 33rd Annual Film and Literature Conference, where he gave a presentation entitled, “The Architect of a New Universe: Iron Man and the Post-Civil War Restructuring of Marvel.” In 2009, The Village Square – Tallahassee featured his contest-winning essay, “Credo,” on its blog as part of the film program, “Purple State of Mind: Finding Middle Ground in a Divided Culture.” Since moving to Japan in 2010, he has also taught English and done travel writing for Japan Today and other sites, with /Film being his main outlet for discussing and analyzing American pop culture. In 2018, his guide to “Lost in Translation” spots in Tokyo ranked as the #1 top-performing article by organic search on the GaijinPot Blog. More recently, he served as an editor for GPlusMedia on the Japan Tourism Agency’s 2020 signage project.


Joshua attended Concordia College New York and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (Creative Writing) from Florida State University.
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