Star Wars The Clone Wars Dangerous Debt Review

Ahsoka Tano is in a tight spot in “Dangerous Debt”, the latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Ahsoka (Ashley Eckstein), Trace (Brigitte Kali), and Rafa (Elizabeth Rodriguez) are imprisoned by the Pyke Syndicate on Oba Diah after their disastrous attempt at deception. Directed by Saul Ruiz & Bosco Ng and penned by Dave Filoni & Charles Murray, “Dangerous Debt” is snappy with the fisticuffs and fleeing despite the rocky transition from its opening introspection to the escapade action.

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Steven Universe Future Finale

The four-part finale of Steven Universe Future descends into despair before it regains its light. As the old saying goes, “Things will get worse before they become better.” As Steven Universe (Zach Callison) faces his downward spiral, he desires to solve matters on his own, spurning his loved ones’ attempt to reach out. The Gem he shattered during his rage, Jasper (Kimberly Brooks), inadvertently inspires him to seek out his titan-Diamond relatives in Homeworld for answers to control his Diamond powers.

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Star Wars Deal No Deal Review

The latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars continues the adjustment of former Skywalker padawan Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) to her new station without the Jedi’s guide. She is temporarily residing in the underground of Coruscant, sheltered by the not-so-bright aspiring pilot Trace (Brigitte Kali) in a garage. After some hired pilots fail to show up, the shady Rafa (Elizabeth Rodriguez) enlists Trace, her little sister, who is miserable to learn she wasn’t the first choice, to pilot for a major job that could pay off Rafa’s debts to gangs. Rafa reluctantly permits Ahsoka on board, skeptical of the latter’s objections to her crooked business dealings. In turn, Ahsoka seeks to keep them out of trouble. 

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Steven Universe Future Mr. Universe Review

Steven Universe Future is racing toward the finish line. It’s difficult to watch how much Steven (Zach Callison) has grown out of his chipper childhood state, but the overwhelming hindsight of trauma has caught up with him. It doesn’t help that last week’s Future featured Steven at his first doctor’s appointment and reckoning that his childhood trauma—“trauma” was very much a new word for Steven and something rarely discussed in children’s cartoon—has ruined his function.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars has a fan favorite returning in one of its most promising story arcs. Since Clone Wars release in 2008, Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) overcame some chilly reception and made a meaningful debut as the first onscreen female Jedi of prominence—meaning that she isn’t a background female Jedi and has centrality in the story. Overall, the risk to give Anakin Skywalker a young apprentice who discovers her autonomy ended up enriching the Star Wars universe in a major way.

When Clone Wars was canceled in 2014, fans were deprived of a chance to see how Ahsoka dealt with post-Jedi life when she descended the steps of the Jedi Temple. Now that Clone Wars has revived a planned arc in its final season, seeing Ahsoka again is worth the five-year wait.

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Steven Universe Future Together Forever and Growing Pains Review

“Together Forever” and “Growing Pains” are the most heart-stopping pair of episodes yet of Steven Universe Future. “Together Forever” begins mundanely as usual, with the eponymous Steven (Zach Callison) skyping with his human companion Connie (Grace Rolek) and discussing her college plans. He’s saddened to realize Connie will be so far away once she leaves. 

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Star Wars The Clone Wars Unfinished Business Review

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has finished off the first arc of its seventh season. The final chapter of the arc, “Unfinished Businesses”, yields sharper emotional beats than the penultimate chapter, following up on the rather bittersweet moment when the rescued clone trooper Echo (Dee Bradley Baker, who voices every clone) repeats “the good old days” with ambivalence.

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Steven Universe Future In Dreams Review

Steven Universe Future: Hey Old Friends

After some rude awakenings, the next pair of Steven Universe Future episodes dish out some optimistic respite while carrying over the despondency that has now plagued Steven Universe’s (Zach Callison) life. 

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 3

The latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars kicks off with a lot of action. With the long-lost clone trooper Echo (Dee Bradley Baker) back in their grasp, the clones (also voiced by Baker) and their Jedi General Anakin Skywalker (Matt Lanter) escape the Separatist outpost. They’re forced to call in the flying beasts and head back to the village of the Skako Minor indigenous Poletecs (where David Acord and the sound design emit auditory other-worldliness), who are reasonably frustrated that the clones attracted the war to them. Regardless, they form a quick alliance with clones and Jedi and lash back on the Separatist attack. Read More »

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Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 2 Review

After the season premiere episode “The Bad Batch” last week, newly uncovered evidence left clone trooper Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) more certain that his presumed-dead clone brother, Echo, may still be alive and in the Separatist enemies’ hands. Led by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker (Matt Lanter), Rex and the Bad Batch fly off to the Separatist outpost on a ravaged and dust-stormy terrain of Skako Minor to rescue Echo — that is, if he’s still alive. Read More »