star wars the bad batch reunion review

This article contains spoilers for the Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode “Reunion.” 

Is Crosshair a good luck charm? Because his appearance elevates any Bad Batch episode to the top tier. Directed by Steward Lee and written by Christian Taylor, “Reunion” is exactly what the title suggests: Crosshair resurfaces into the plot to confront his Bad Batcher (Dee Bradley Baker) brothers. (There’s also a meta reunion for the Star Wars fans, but we’ll get to that.)

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Star Wars The Bad Batch Battle Scars Review

This article contains spoilers for the Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode “Battle Scars.” 

Since we last saw them, the Bad Batch (Dee Bradley Baker) and Omega (Michelle Ang) have been miserably pulling jobs for Cid (Rhea Perlman). Since they (deliberately) botched their assignment on Corellia, they aren’t on her good side and she deducts creds on their expenses, one that hilariously includes Wrecker’s and Omega’s routine purchase of the popcorn-ish Mantell Mix. Their snack-buying after a mission has become, in Wrecker’s words, a “tradition” to keep him and Omega happy. But their cute bonding time won’t hinder the dangerous voice stashed in Wrecker’s brain, owing to the brain chip assigned in every Republic clone.

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Star Wars The Bad Batch Decommissioned Review

This article contains spoilers for the Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode “Decommissioned.” 

There’s never time to rest for the characters on Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Needing the creds and a beneficial working arrangement, the Bad Batch (Dee Bradley Baker) and Omega (Michelle Ang) reluctantly accept an assignment from the shady Cid (Rhea Perlman, again with her acerbic swagger): retrieve the head of a tactical droid at a decommissioning facility that melts Separatist droids for an unrevealed client. Because Separatist tactical droids were posed as challengers against clone soldiers during the Clone Wars, the data within a tactical droid is valuable to take down the Empire’s clone soldiers. 

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Star Wars the Bad Batch Rampage Review

This post contains spoilers for today’s episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Save a “kid” – that sounds easy right? In the latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, titled “Rampage,” the team (Dee Bradley Baker) has to find more information about the bounty hunter on the trail of Omega (Michelle Ang). On Echo’s intel, they travel to the desert planet of Ord Mantell to seek an informant, Cid (Rhea Perlman with biting swagger), once trusted by the Jedi for intel. And wouldn’t you know it? They have to do a job for her in return: retrieve a “kid” by the name of Muchi from Zygerrian slave traders (introduced in season 4 of Clone Wars).

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Bad Batch Cornered Review

Another episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, another big problem for the crew to solve/survive. If the absence of Crosshair wasn’t bad enough, now the Bad Batch (Dee Bradley Baker) has to face a bounty hunter, presumably sent by the Kaminoans, who has her eye on Omega (Michelle Ang). Directed by Saul Ruiz and written by Christian Taylor, “Cornered” also marks the highly anticipated appearance of Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), unnamed but recognizable in look and voice as the bounty hunter introduced in The Mandalorian. Since she will also co-star in the upcoming Disney+ series The Book of Boba Fett, this feels like Lucasfilm really doubling down on this Shand’s importance to the Star Wars universe.

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Set in the demon-populated dark fantasy medieval Wallachia, the anime-influenced Castlevania series on Netflix follows a cast of both the villainous and the virtuous…or rather, those on the spectrum of virtuous. Setting a high bar for what makes a successful video game adaptation, this Frederator Studios-produced adult animated series takes its plot and character blueprints from the Konami video game franchise, with art work inspired by Ayami Kojima’s designs in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

With its copious amounts of gore, flesh-ripping, and gut-spilling, Castlevania is a far from sunny. The fourth and final season begins in a dark and dour place, where the main characters are worse off than ever before, but it ultimately makes a climb to hope as the series reaches its conclusion.

/Film spoke with Castlevania producer Kevin Kolde, whose credits also include the kid-friendly likes of Adventure Time and Bee and PuppyCat, about the fourth and final season. We talk about some plot details, so here’s your spoiler warning.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Replacements Review

When Star Wars: The Bad Batch premiered last week, I had complaints that the fast-moving episode skimped questions about Crosshair’s state of mind under the influence of his clone brain chip. But the latest “Replacements” (directed by Nathaniel Villanueva and written by Matt Michnovetz) scratches dents into the issue and promises deeper explorations in the future. Plus, the episode proceeds to scan interesting territory that wasn’t previously explored, at least on Star Wars television: the post-Republic transition from clones to Stormtroopers. It also accentuates a personal transition for the Bad Batch: processing Crosshair’s absence and parenting their young clone charge Omega (Michelle Ang). Read More »

castlevania season 4 images

The animated video game adaptation of Castlevania has seen remarkable success. As one of Netflix’s early original animated shows (it premiered in 2017), this series can be considered a milestone in the growing presence of narrative-driven, sophisticated adult animated projects that have emerged over the past few years. It’s hard not to look at Blood of Zeus, also animated by the Austin-based Powerhouse Animation Studios, or the recent video game-based Dota: Dragon’s Blood and see its influence. Created and written by Warren Ellis, this dark fantasy series has acquired a reputation as one of the few video game-inspired projects to stick its landing.

Based on the Konami video game franchise, Castlevania does not require an investment in the source material to enjoy its fantasy, which is rife with Ayami Kojima-inspired artwork and Gothic designs. That is, unless you recognize the orchestral use of “Bloody Tears” in a balletic fight sequence. And if you do, you’re absolutely the target audience here. And if not, you still might be.

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Bad Batch Cut and Run Review

The last time we saw them in the premiere episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Hunter and the Bad Batch (Dee Bradley Baker), sans Crosshair, had become guardians to the child clone Omega (Michelle Ang), an ingenue to the galaxy. In this second episode, titled “Cut and Run” (directed by Steward Lee and written by Gursiman Sandhu), the trouble with Crosshair on their trail takes a backseat in favor of an introspective glance at the shifting galactic order. The developing Empire is registering civilians. And this puts one clone in special danger since he has long deviated from his Republic service.

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Star Wars The Bad Batch Aftermath Review

This review contains spoilers for the first episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

“We’re more deviant than defective,” remarks one of the members of the five-soldier clone squad known as the Bad Batch. Their differences have rendered them outcasts, but it has also afforded them experiences not granted to the “reg” clone soldiers. After their debut in the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Bad Batch, clones with mutated and enhanced “defects” that deem them battlefield-worthy against the Separatist droid army, are back for the 70-minute premiere episode “Aftermath” on Disney+, now streaming to kick off the new animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. After The Clone Wars concluded on the image of the Republic cog symbol on a fallen clone’s helmet, it is appropriate that the followup to Clone Wars focused on clones who were never quite the cogs of Republic-mandated ideals facing the aftermath of a soul-consuming war.

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