Kaylee Dugan

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Washington, DC
American University
Movies, TV, Spooky Stuff
  • Kaylee has been writing about film and culture for almost a decade for niche web magazines like BYT and RIYL. She clearly loves websites that are also acronyms.
  • In her personal time, Kaylee spends a shocking amount of time watching found footage horror movies on Tubi (so that you don't have to).
  • Kaylee has interviewed film greats like John Waters and has covered influential industry events like AFI Docs. She always has an interesting perspective.


Kaylee Dugan is a D.C.-based writer who has spent the last eight years of her life crafting stories about art in all of its forms. Her love for horror movies knows no bounds, but she's written about every film genre she can get her hands on for Brightest Young Things and RIYL mag.


Kaylee studied journalism at American University in D.C., where she sharpened her interviewing skills, forged her ability to write a good lede, and spent far too much of her money at E Street Cinema.
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