The Essex Serpent Clip: Claire Danes Can't Pay For Friendship [Exclusive]

If you were missing the goth, sultry vibes of Guillermo Del Toro's "Crimson Peak" then you've clicked on the right headline, because Apple TV+ is serving up a heavy helping of cute ladies crying in dresses that look like they came from a collaboration line between your local Hot Topic and your local renaissance festival. I know the renaissance was a different era, but the drunks at your local renaissance festival sure as hell don't know that (and neither do I, when I am drunk at the renaissance festival aka my annual booze cheat day). The show we're talking about is "The Essex Serpent" and the cute ladies we're talking about are Claire Danes ("Homeland") and Hayley Squires ("In Fabric")! What a delight. Let's learn a little more before we hop into that hot and exclusive clip.

With a name that sounds like it could also be a metal band, "The Essex Serpent" tells the story of the widowed Cora (Danes) who has moved with her son from the big city to the town of Essex to learn more about, and hopefully discover, the local cryptid/lake monster called (you guessed it) the Essex Serpent. Having just escaped an abusive relationship and thrown her entire life into this hunt, things really aren't going well for her mentally, but at the very least she has her friend/servant Martha (Squires) and her friend/doctor Luke Garnett (Frank Dillane) to keep her on the straight and narrow (not really, but you know). There's also the local pastor Will (Tom Hiddleston) who is very married but undeniably hot.

A sexy search for Nessie

Now that was a moment wasn't it! Full of tension and angst and, as I said before, great dresses. Directed by Clio Barnard ("Ali & Ava"), this show is definitely filled with all of the big emotions dramatic flourishes you've been craving, which are highlighted perfectly in this scene, right down to the surprise sickly goth kid. As we described it in our review, "The Essex Serpent" is a funny little potion mixing the foggy gothic romance of the Brontë sisters with a dash of folk horror and a pinch of pushing against gender roles.

If you're craving a story that luxuriates in its plot and takes its sweet time actually hunting down that damn monster, then you're gonna love this one. Also, again with Hiddleston and the clothes and the light spookiness of the subject matter, this is a must watch for you "Crimson Peak" girlies. You could even do a weird and very long double feature.

The show premiered on May 13, 2022 with the final episode hitting Apple TV+ on June 10, 2022, so you have plenty of time to catch up before it all wraps up. Go hunt that snake, baby.