Caroline Cao

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New York, NY
The New School, The University Of Houston
Movies, TV, Animation
  • Caroline does not apologize for her voice but she is also open to feedback. Like a sponge, she'll absorb even uncomfortable critiques.
  • She can't resist film festivals! Caroline has extensive experience with film festivals, in-person and virtual. Her attendance at New York Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival built her a substantial portfolio.
  • Caroline finds the animated medium to be underrated in the west and has proactively sought out animated productions to review for /Film.


Caroline has reviewed and written about movies, TV, and animation for four years for various outlets including /Film, Polygon, Film School Rejects. Critics Academy at the Lincoln Center was proud to have her in 2017 and coach her in the ways of freelance writing. She can boast that she reviewed New York Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and Annecy International Festival. In her own words, Caroline especially carries the torch for animated features and is proactive about reviewing and pitching the coverage of animated productions to get them on the radar.


Four years of Creative Writing - Fiction for a B.A. and two years of Nonfiction for M.F.A. has shaped Caroline to be open to feedback. She also does not hesitate to offer feedback herself to her peers.
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