Kim Jee-woon Directing Ed Brubaker’s ‘Coward’


The English-language debut of South Korean director Kim Ji-woon (I Saw the Devil; The Good, the Bad, the Weird) didn’t land with much impact. But the piffle of a reception given The Last Stand hasn’t frightened the director off making films outside his native country. And now Kim has latched on to a project that perhaps suits his own proclivities much better than did the Arnold Schwarzenegger action film.

Kim will next make Coward, based on the first storyline from the much-praised comic book series Criminal written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Sean Phillips. Brubaker also adapted the script. Coward is a lean and very mean story of robbery big and small, of double-crosses, and best intentions that are blown all to hell. Read More »

When a guy in a cape and mask is leaping between buildings, it’s easy to assume you’re watching a comic book adaptation. But when a master thief attempts to make a living in a world of organized crime and violence, the line between comic book and straight fiction is blurred. Some of the best comic book adaptations – A History of Violence, Road to Perdition – aren’t easily identified as such and now one of the best writers in comics will attempt to join that elite niche of cinema.

Multiple Eisner Award-winning writer Ed Brubaker has just signed to adapt the first arc in his Criminal comic series, Coward, into a live action film. David Slade, director of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and upcoming Daredevil reboot, is attached to direct. Read More »