Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Considered Credits Scenes With [REDACTED]

Weeks after storming into theaters and representing many audience members' grand return to the big screen after months of playing it safe during the pandemic, "Spider-Man: No Way Home" is still making headlines. For one thing, the smash hit continues to rake it in at the box office, becoming Sony's biggest movie ever and positioning itself to land in the top 10 highest domestic earners of all time (though with the caveat of not adjusting for inflation, of course). Elsewhere, the writers of "No Way Home" have been making the press rounds, explaining their creative process that led to so many big surprises, unforgettable team-ups, and franchise-altering ramifications.

There are still plenty of details left to go over with a fine-tooth comb, however, specifically regarding certain cameos that we couldn't possibly talk about in detail without throwing out a big ol' spoiler warning first. We assume everyone who wanted to see this movie has either already done so by now or are fervently avoiding anything related to Spider-Man on the internet until they do (which, well, I wish you the best of luck with), but better safe than sorry!

"I Would Love to See More of Their Journey"

If you were one of the screenwriters involved in one of the most scrutinized blockbusters of the past year, what's the first thing you would do once it had finally released in theaters for everyone to see? Personally, I'd never stop talking about every minute detail for as long as anyone kept asking me. "Spider-Man: No Way Home" screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers are finally free of their spoiler shackles, having already revealed their unique insights on a famous Spidey line of dialogue that finally made its way into this latest film, the logistics of Doctor Strange's magical spell, and even some roads not taken that would've resulted in a much different movie.

The worst-kept secret surrounding this threequel, of course, happened to be whether Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's versions of Spider-Man would be joining Tom Holland in this multiverse-hopping crossover film. The answer to that question turned out to be a resounding yes, with the special guest stars playing supporting roles throughout the latter half of the action. According to McKenna and Sommers, we could've seen even more of them than we did. In an interview with Variety, the two briefly tease the possibility that we could've returned to Maguire and Garfield's Peter Parkers in the post-credits tags, which ultimately focused on Venom's potential introduction to the MCU. Here's what McKenna had to say about possibly bringing back the previous versions of Spider-Man for future appearances down the line:

"I would hope so! I would love to see more of their journey. We even talked about, 'Oh, we could do a [post-credits] tag with this one! We could do a tag with that one!'"

He neglects to mention just how far along in those discussions they got, meaning they could've merely mentioned this offhandedly rather than seriously pursuing this idea. That assertion is further backed by Sommers jokingly adding, "Can we do a TV show with the two of them traveling around in a van solving mysteries?" Never mind that we would be fully interested in a "Scooby Doo" twist on the multiple different versions of Spider-Man running around now, but something tells us that might not be in the cards for the MCU. We can dream, though!

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" is now playing in theaters.