doctor who season 13 trailer

It’s been far too long since Doctor Who has been on our TV screens, and now we finally have our first look at the upcoming season 13 (or series 13 if you want to be British about it) of the beloved sci-fi series. BBC released the Doctor Who season 13 trailer during the show’s Comic-Con@Home panel, in which stars Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, and John Bishop were joined by showrunner Chris Chibnall to tease an ambitious new approach to the show’s storytelling structure, and a recurring guest star newly arrived from Westeros.

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snake eyes ending explained

Snake Eyes hits theaters this weekend, and as much as it seemingly tries to separate itself from the G.I. Joe franchise, it can’t. It’s in the title, after all: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins. So how does the Henry Golding-starring prequel movie lay some groundwork for everyone’s second-favorite action franchise based on Hasbro toys? Through a few cameos and awkwardly-inserted lines. Here is the Snake Eyes ending, explained.

Naturally, major spoilers lie ahead.

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snake eyes review

The worst sin a martial arts movie can commit is not properly showing its action. The second sin is casting martial arts superstars and not letting them fight. On both counts, the extraordinarily limp G.I. Joe reboot Snake Eyes is guilty.

“But,” you might say, “isn’t Snake Eyes a G.I. Joe movie, not a martial arts movie?” Technically you’d be right, but this G.I. Joe Origins film does its utmost to divorce itself from the Hasbro franchise and start fresh as a hip standalone martial arts movie with some neat fight scenes and genuinely cool moments of Andrew Koji wielding two swords. But alas, it falls victim to the inevitability of “origin story” world-building — and to the sad fate of Hollywood over-editing.

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harry potter new york virtual reality

It’s hard to imagine wandering through the cavernous halls of Hogwarts in the tiny, cramped block where the Harry Potter New York store resides. There is a line around the block to get into the recently opened Wizarding World flagship store, and even more people inside, almost shoulder-to-shoulder as they browse the chocolate-covered frogs or pick out custom-made wands. But there it is, in the corner: a doorway to another world. Or, if we’re sticking by Harry Potter metaphors, a red brick wall through which we’ll run headfirst.

I got the chance to experience the two new virtual reality experiences that are debuting at Harry Potter New York today. The two “sensory adventures,” made in partnership with Dreamscape and Wevr, offer two very different ways to step into the Wizarding World, both of which will probably make you look very silly on the outside. But it’s worth losing a couple of cool points to get the chance to weave through the skies of London in “Wizards Take Flight,” and get up-close and personal with a dragon (and I mean really up close, smells and all) in “Chaos at Hogwarts.”

Here is what it’s like to go through the new Harry Potter virtual experiences.

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the suicide squad early buzz

James Gunn has done it again, folks. The Guardians of the Galaxy director has worked his magic on DC’s The Suicide Squad, after moving across the aisle from Marvel where he had similarly injected new life into C-list comic book characters. And the result is something even more unhinged.

Early reactions to The Suicide Squad are out, and critics are praising the Warner Bros. comic book film (which is not a sequel to David Ayer’s 2016 Suicide Squad) for its comedy and incredible violence, but also, it’s surprisingly sweet heart. Prepare to cry over a shark man, folks.

Here is what we could round up of The Suicide Squad early buzz.

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(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching, why it’s worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)

The Movie: Summer Wars

Where You Can Stream It: Funimation

The Pitch: Timid high school junior and math genius Kenji Koiso is strong-armed into posing as the boyfriend for fellow student Natsuki Shinohara, a spirited high school senior who drags Kenji to the rural town of Ueda for her great-grandmother’s 90th birthday. But after Keji receives a cryptic code on his cell phone and cracks it, he becomes the primary suspect for hacking of OZ, a vibrant virtual world that features everything from fun interactive minigames to the world’s traffic infrastructure. It’s up to Kenji to repair the damage and stop the rogue computer program responsible for the hacking.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle is set to make its world premiere at Cannes this week, and with the sci-fi romantic adventure looking to retread some old ground for the director, Summer Wars and its slice-of-life story meets digital extravaganza is a must-watch.

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(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching, why it’s worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)

The Series: Starstruck

Where You Can Stream It: HBO Max

The Pitch: Jessie (writer and series creator Rose Matafeo) is your typical millennial who lives in East London: she’s flat broke and living in an overpriced apartment with her best friend, while juggling two jobs she doesn’t much care for. But when she discovers that a New Year’s Eve hook-up, Tom (Nikesh Patel), is actually a famous movie star, her life dramatically changes. Kind of.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: “The rom-com is dead…except on TV” is something that a lot of people have been repeating for the past couple years. But it’s still true. The good, smart romantic-comedy has been absent from our big screens for years, but there’s no shortage of them on the small screen — everything from Never Have I Ever to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to Fleabag, and everything in between, have been filling the gaps on the kind of heart-fluttering romance that movies like When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle used to provide us. And like the best TV rom-coms, Starstruck takes a familiar formula — specifically, the Notting Hill plot of ordinary person falls in love with famous movie star — and remixes it for a new generation, with a little more screwball comedy and a few spikier edges thrown in.

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The Suicide Squad - James Gunn

It was always about that R-rating. James Gunn has proudly touted his no holds barred approach to The Suicide Squad, his highly anticipated follow-up to David Ayer’s 2016 film Suicide Squad. But with superhero films expanding their reach across all age demographics, it’s easy to think that Warner Bros. might have balked at Gunn letting loose with the gore and cursing.

“It never became an issue,” The Suicide Squad producer Charles Roven told me in a phone interview. I spoke with the producer in a follow-up interview to a visit to the set of The Suicide Squad a couple years ago, from which he had been absent that day. Eager to give his two cents on a film that he is “very excited for people to see, particularly on the big screen,” Roven gave me the chance to talk about The Suicide Squad, getting Gunn on board for a sequel to a film no one much liked, and why Warner Bros. was dedicated to Gunn’s vision from the get-go..

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Polka-Dot Man isn’t the first character you’d think of as being the scene-stealer of a big tentpole superhero movie. A punchline maybe, or an early victim of The Suicide Squad‘s apparently high body count. And yet, there’s something behind that absurd polka dot costume and David Dastmalchian‘s mopey look as he audibly yearns for death that stirs the heartstrings. Couple that with director James Gunn‘s penchant for turning the most obscure comic book characters into movie icons, and well, you’ve got the recipe a new fan-favorite character.

When I visited the set of The Suicide Squad back in 2019, no character earned more chuckles and derision than Polka-Dot Man. Did that immediately make me want to protect him? Maybe. But it wasn’t just that which convinced me that Polka-Dot Man would be the obscure character of The Suicide Squad to achieve newfound superstardom à la Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. It was the movie’s inventive approach to Polka-Dot Man’s very silly gimmick, and Dastmalchian’s obvious care for the character, that did the trick. Read More »

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the suicide squad set visit report

If there was a way to physically walk into James Gunn‘s mind, the folks at the set of The Suicide Squad might have figured it out. Or at least, they put on a good show for me and the group of journalists who had the chance to visit the set of Warner Bros.’ latest DC comic book movie in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2019. But before we got to see the sets of The Suicide Squad, we were ushered into a generic conference room that looked like Gunn’s mind had thrown up all over it (if that analogy doesn’t defy too much logic).

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