Coronavirus Cancellations

International production studios are beginning to re-open after months of shutdowns in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We’ve seen countries like New Zealand, which had a notably tough response to the outbreak, the Czech Republic, and France begin to slowly resume film and TV productions, but studios in the U.K. and Asian countries like South Korea, China, and Taiwan have begun to follow suit.

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cowboy bebop remake

Netflix’s highly anticipated live-action remake of Cowboy Bebop won’t be a “one-to-one” adaptation, writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach says. That’s a guarantee when you’re turning a classic 26-episode half-hour anime into an hour-long live-action series. But Grillo-Marxuach promises, in his latest update of the currently-stalled Netflix series, that the live-action Cowboy Bebop will stay true to the spirit and the effortlessly cool style of the beloved Shinichiro Watanabe anime.

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john boyega black lives matter

The Black Lives Matter movement and the anti-police brutality protests sweeping the nation have become a sort of litmus test for which celebrities can put their money where their mouth is. Empty words of support and vague platitudes don’t work anymore when America — and the rest of the world — is this angry and this broken. Sure, some stars are obliged to the big money-making corporations and their carefully set standards. But John Boyega doesn’t care about that. Boyega starred in (and was arguably underserved by) one of the biggest franchises in the world, his face plastered across Star Wars posters and trailers for the past five years. But he’s willing to give up the security of a Disney paycheck to speak candidly and emotionally about what he believes in.

Boyega gave a rousing Black Lives Matter speech in his home town of London, acknowledging that a speech as unvarnished and angry as his could mean the end of his career. But his speech stirred Hollywood filmmakers and writers to throw their support behind him, and promise him that he will still have plenty of work in the years to come.

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bill and ted san dimas

The Bill & Ted series is known as the nicest sci-fi comedy about a pair of stoners who travel through time. And in trying times as these, we need a little nice every now and then. Bill & Ted stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are living up to their films’ reputation by making a surprise appearance at the virtual graduation ceremony of San Dimas High School, the same school where Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure takes place.

In their short message to the graduating class of San Dimas, they had sweet encouraging things to say about the current environment and one important confirmation: San Dimas High School football does indeed rule.

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venom 2 reshoots

Venom 2 doesn’t need to let there be carnage when the whole movie industry is already in disarray due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With film productions temporarily shut down all around the world, Sony Pictures was also forced to push back the release date of its high-profile Venom sequel despite the film wrapping production. Like all big comic book films, Venom: Let There Be Carnage would have to go through an extensive post-production process that involves reshoots. But as the pandemic wears on, Venom 2 producer Dan Wilson is unsure of when those reshoots could reasonably be finished.

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spain virtual technology studio

What will the movie industry look like after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? Disney+’s The Mandalorian and its cutting-edge Stagecraft system, which uses a rear-projected LED screen to create a reactive environment, may give us a vision. And already foreign production studios are taking The Mandalorian up on that vision.

A new Spain-based virtual production facility, Orca Studios, is installing the LED volume technology inspired by the game-changing tech used by ILM on its Stagecraft system for The Mandalorian. And with coronavirus precautions limiting crew and overseas shoots, we can likely expect this technology to be used by many more production studios in the future.

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universal orlando re-opening guidelines

Universal Orlando is prepped and ready to re-open to the public. But as one of the first major theme parks to re-open in the U.S. following weeks of closures amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all eyes are trained on how Universal Orlando Resorts will conduct itself to ensure the health of its staff and guests. The first few days of June saw the park opened to team members and some annual passholders, which helped the park test social distancing measures and prep for its general public opening this Friday. But to keep all its bases covered, Universal Orlando released a new video detailing all the guidelines and restrictions that will be in place for guests visiting the theme park in the midst of a pandemic.

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just mercy free rental

In the wake of the widespread Black Lives Matter protests sweeping the nation, Warner Bros. is seeking to educate audiences on systemic racism. The studio is making Just Mercy, the 2019 legal drama starring Michael B. Jordan as the real-life civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, available to rent for free through the month of June.

“We believe in the power of story,” Warner Bros. said in a statement, encouraging viewers of Just Mercy to learn about “the systemic racism that plagues our society” through the inspiring legal drama about Stevenson’s fight against a black man’s wrongful murder conviction.

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batwoman new character

A brand new character will be donning the cape and cowl for season 2 of Batwoman. Following the surprise departure of Ruby Rose from the CW superhero show, the network announced that it will be recasting the lead role. But Batwoman has opted to not recast a new actor in the role of Rose’s Kate Kane, instead creating a new character altogether.

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back-to-work guidelines

Hollywood is looking to get back to work amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Since TV and film productions shut down unilaterally across the globe in March, studios and unions have been looking for ways to resume production while keeping crews and casts healthy. Now, a new report by labor unions and studios outlines back-to-work guidelines for the entertainment industry to start back up again.

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