Dalin Rowell

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New York, NY
The Art Institute Of New York City
Fairy Tale Adaptations, Magical Girl Genre Anime, Rock N’ Roll Musical Movie
  • Dalin interned for “Doug” creator Jim Jinkins at his company, Cartoon Pizza.
  • She had one of her movie reviews published on Leonard Maltin’s website.
  • She’s seen every movie/TV adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” more than once.


Dalin has worn many entertainment industry hats for over a decade. She started her career in 2011 as a lead transcriber, eventually moving towards becoming an archivist and post-coordinator on various reality TV productions. Around that same time, Dalin discovered her passion for film discussion and criticism, which led to her professional writing adventures. Since then, she’s had her work published on numerous websites, including CBR, ScreenRant, TheDIS, and the Critical Film Critics. She’s also been a featured guest on several podcasts, such as The Marvelists, The Major Issues podcast, and the Broken Brain. She’s been a writer for /Film since 2017. She loves being a part of the Static Media family.


Dalin has an associate’s degree in Digital Video Production from The Art Institute of New York City.
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