The 15 Greatest Outfits In Star Trek: The Next Generation

With its wildly imaginative stories and characters, the landmark sci-fi franchise "Star Trek" features quite a collection of iconic outfits. From the original series to "Discovery," it's nearly impossible for fans to choose which installment has the most fashionable content. Yet, with its '80s vibes and inventive aesthetic, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" could easily take that title. Featuring everything from crazy, colorful sweaters to full-on historical recreations for Holodeck adventures, this series has always been a magnificent display of stylish ensembles. But that begs the question, which of these examples of galactic attire in "TNG" is the best of the best?

Well, that's the puzzle that this eleganza-filled article is here to solve. Covering everything from Federation-approved ballgowns to the show's endless obsession with jumpsuits, this list has all of your "Star Trek: The Next Generation" fashion favorites covered. So make sure to brew a cup of Earl Grey (hot), and let's look back at the most fabulous outfits to grace the "catwalk" that is the USS Enterprise.

Dr. Crusher and Deanna Troi's gym attire

In the episode "The Price" from Season 3 of "The Next Generation," the Enterprise crew welcomes a group of dignitaries who are hoping to work out a deal regarding a stable wormhole. During the negotiations, Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) meets a member of the visiting party, Devinoni Ral (Matt McCoy), another empath with whom Troi begins to have romantic feelings. Troi eventually finds herself asking Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) for relationship advice during their exercise routine. While the wisdom Crusher gives is quite memorable to "TNG" fans, the workout attire worn by the characters is even more so. 

With the third season debuting in 1989, it's no surprise that "The Next Generation" would feature the workout clothing trends of the decade. From legwarmers to pastel one-pieces, it's clear that Olivia Newton-John and Jane Fonda impacted these colorful wardrobe choices. Yet, what gives these outfits their iconic status is how bold and sparkly they are — a description that isn't often used when discussing Troi or Crusher's personalities or their typical attire. Plus, with the fan service-filled nature of the scene, it's no wonder that trekkers still talk about these "fascinating" ensembles

The Edo mediators' triangle ensembles

In the Season 1 episode, "Justice," after a fantastic review from Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Dr. Crusher suggests that the crew visit the planet Rubicun III. During their stay, they encounter the Edo, a humanoid species whose members all happen to be beautiful. Yet, as the crew takes their shore leave, they realize that while the Edo have a friendly nature, they certainly aren't afraid to get intimate with just about anyone they come across — something that becomes obvious not only in the Edo's mannerisms but also in their attire.

Created by veteran "Star Trek" designer William Ware Theiss, the costumes worn by the Edo are the definition of revealing. From their pink cut-out dresses to their various jewelry pieces, there's no hiding the true feelings of these stunning individuals. Yet, the best Edo-related costumes are worn by the mediators. Why? Because they stand as a fantastic example of Theiss' signature fashion-forward style while evoking the campy nature of the first season. Plus, who can resist a triangular romper? Clearly, not the Edo.

Deanna Troi's turquoise dress

Deanna Troi was a female character who never get a fair shake. From her incredibly awkward original concept to her equally revealing wardrobe, she's an individual who never got the initial respect that she (and Marina Sirtis) so much deserved. However, one iconic dress, created by longtime "TNG" designer Robert Blackman, struck the right balance of showing Troi's femininity while also proving her powerful presence aboard the Enterprise.

Featuring a lovely turquoise color and a memorable asymmetrical neckline, this ensemble always made Troi glow during some of her most memorable sequences. From her fierce empath-smack down with her ex-lover Devinoni Ral in "The Price" to her sassy exchange with Crusher at the salon in Season 4's "The Host," this entire outfit evokes the regal and commanding sides of Troi, proving that the famous Enterprise counselor doesn't need to be flashy to be confident and fabulous.

Natasha Yar's seductive dress

In the third episode of Season 1, titled "The Naked Now," an illness spreads on the Enterprise and causes the crew to behave unusually. For example, the often reserved Lt. Natasha Yar (aka. Tasha, played by Denise Crosby) becomes a wild individual. Leading to one of the most memorable moments in the series, in which Yar seduces Data (Brent Spiner) by discussing his "functionality" and wearing one heck of a suggestive dress.

Designed by William Ware Theiss, this two-piece ensemble showcases Tasha's striking beauty in the most creative of ways. From the exposed midriff to the bold selection of jewel-tone colors, the entire costume does a fantastic job of showing the audience the inner confidence Tasha has always had. Plus, her fabulous yet straightforward hairstyle acts as a great finishing touch to the look, making it obvious why Data (despite his programming) would be drawn to the beautiful lieutenant.

Will and Kyle Riker's battle armor

There's no denying that "Star Trek: The Next Generation" never shies away from discussing parental issues. Take for example Season 2's "The Icarus Factor," which focuses on Will Riker's daddy issues. In the episode, Riker (Jonathan Frakes) is forced to interact with his father, Kyle Riker (Mitchell Ryan), after being offered a new job. It becomes pretty clear there's a lot of bad blood between them, but how do they relieve that tension? With a "brutal" Holodeck battle, complete with costumes that look like the most fascinating of samurai-inspired cosplay, of course! 

From the bold colors to the ridiculous helmets that cover the actors' eyes, these now-beloved outfits (credited to Charmaine Nash Simmons and Janet Stout) evoke the campy vibes "Star Trek" fans adore. Plus, when blended with the even more over-the-top props, these shogun-meets-"Tron" costumes remain a sight to behold — especially when watching Jonathan Frakes and Mitchell Ryan battle in them. Overall, these pieces (and the entire sequence) are peak entertainment.

Sela's Romulan uniform

When it comes to memorable "TNG" outfits, few are quite as fascinating as the no-nonsense aesthetic of Cmdr. Sela in the episodes "Redemption II" and "Unification II" from Season 5. Sure, she wasn't the only character to rock this ever-changing Romulan garment, but Sela (also played by Denise Crosby) was one of the few characters who made the famous garb look fashion-forward.

Designed by Robert Blackman, this specific incarnation of the typical Romulan uniform definitely evokes the fading fashion trends of the late '80s. From the dominant shoulder pads to the multidimensional fabric choices, the entire piece screams "Working Girl" meets galactic empress. Yet, it's the unique take on Sela's traditional hairstyle (credited to stylists and designers Gus Le Pre and Susan Carol Schwary) that nails Sela's half-human half-Romulan heritage stylishly. Ultimately, this ensemble symbolizes the character's brutal nature while showcasing her devotion to her Romulan side.

The Merry Men costumes

Though the "Star Trek" franchise can get rather silly, "The Next Generation" was among the wackiest of all the installments. One storyline that goes above and beyond to prove this takes place during the Season 4 episode "Qpid." While attending a lecture hosted by Capt. Picard (Patrick Stewart), the Enterprise senior staff notices strange things happening around them. Suddenly, they realize that they've been magically cast in the roles of Robin Hood and his Merry Men by none other than the infamous trickster, Q (John de Lancie.) Of course, fashion hijinks ensue.

While many of the outfits before this have focused more on the traditional "Star Trek" aesthetics, these reinterpretations of the "Robin Hood" characters (by costume designer Robert Blackman) are fascinating to behold. The majority of the outfits do a fantastic job of paying tribute to the pop culture Robin Hoods of the past while also putting a fun "Trek" spin on them. Sadly, Troi and Crusher get run-of-the-mill costumes that aren't as magnificent as those of their male counterparts. Pushing that flaw to the side, most of these Sherwood frocks are fashionable treasures from head to toe.

Troi and Riker's Menage a Troi outfits

While many beautiful outfits have graced the corridors of the Enterprise, a few delicious ensembles are on this list simply because of how over-the-top they are. One such example (matching the above description perfectly) would be Troi and Riker's date outfits from "Menage a Troi." In the episode, Deanna and Will take a private stroll through the beautiful gardens of Troi's home planet, Betazed. As the two take in the stunning sights around them, they have quite the romantic embrace — one that is quickly ruined by Deanna's mother, Lwaxana Troi (Majel Barrett), who calls the couple over for an absurd picnic.

Credited to costumers Camille Argus, David Page, and cutter-fitter Renee Nault, these pieces seem like a sci-fi prom fantasy come true. From Troi's off-the-shoulder purple dress to Riker's electric blue v-neck top, everything about these outfits are equal parts romantic and ridiculous. Considering that the two are paired with Deanna's often outrageously dressed mother, it makes sense that their attire has to be just as flashy. Ultimately, these ensembles mirror the campy vibes of the episode while also paying tribute to the iconic couple wearing them in all of their lovely yet silly glory.

Data and Geordi's Sherlock Holmes-inspired attire

While much of the "TNG" crew gets to wear some fabulous outfits, Data (Brent Spiner) and Lt. Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) aren't quite as lucky. Sure, they get their fashionable moments from time to time, but they aren't quite as frequent as those of other "TNG" characters. Yet, when Data and Geordi get to look like true style icons, it is worth it. Case in point: the episode "Elementary, Dear Data" from Season 2 in which Data and Geordi get to make their Sherlock Holmes dreams a Holodeck-style reality.

In the episode, Data and Geordi decide to play out a Sherlock Holmes-inspired quest that takes some very real twists and turns. Of course, they have to dress for their respective parts as the famous Baker Street detective and his loyal friend, Dr. Watson. With the help of costume designer Durinda Wood, both of these incredible characters look the part. From Data's fantastic hat to Geordi's stunning suit, everything fits the theme while also looking just the right amount of campy. Overall, it's a treat to see Spiner and Burton get to go on an adventure outside of their typical garb.

Lwaxana Troi's rainbow Manhunt dress

Let's get one thing straight. Lwaxana Troi (played by the immortal Majel Barrett-Roddenberry) is the fashion MVP of many "Star Trek" series. From her appearances on "TNG" to her moments in "Deep Space 9," it's evident that this absolute icon knows her way around a dress, and she'll use it however she sees fit. Whether it's to win the heart of her latest suitor or to grill her daughter, Deanna, her greatest weapon is her ever-expressive wardrobe. And no episode quite proves that fact like Season 2's "Manhunt."

By the title, it's easy to guess that most of the episode focuses on Lwaxana's drive to get Picard as her new lover. While many of her over-the-top flirtatious actions make the episode a thrill, so do her outfits, including this spectacular rainbow dream of a dress. From the dramatic cold shoulder sleeves to the metallic texture of the fabric, this stunning gown (credited to designer Durinda Wood along with costumers Charmaine Nash Simmons and Janet Stout) evokes Lwaxana's bold personality and confidence in every detail. Plus, with her wild hair and quirky earrings, it seems impossible why anyone (even Picard) would turn down Lwaxana's charms.

Riker's Angel I outfit

When it comes to Will Riker, many episodes have shown his willingness to achieve a goal, even if it means wearing ridiculous clothes. One such example occurs in "Angel One" in which we see Riker's extroverted tendencies on full display. During the episode, Riker and an away team beam down to the planet Angel I, which is ruled by Amazonian-like women who dominate their male counterparts. As they spend time with the locals, Riker eventually is courted by the planet's elected official, Mistress Beata, which leads him to rock the traditional Angel I male attire.

Credited to costume supervisor Elaine Scheideman and key costumer Philip Signorelli, this attire is as flashy as the episode it's featured in. From the colorful fabric to the odd assortment of straps on the pants, it's an outfit that blends the best of past "Star Trek" looks with the aesthetics of an '80s music video pop star. This episode proves Riker's go-getting attitude and willingness to wear just about anything — even if that means causing Tasha and Troi to laugh up a storm.

Picard's Dixon Hill attire

When it comes to dashing "TNG" characters, none of them are quite as memorable as Picard as the fictional detective, Dixon Hill. In various Holodeck-focused episodes, Picard (along with other crew members) visits the world of his childhood hero and lives out many of his adventures. From romantic nightclub visits to crime-solving puzzles, Picard is living his best life as Dixon Hill, looking like noir perfection from head to toe.

With the signature trench coat and fedora, these outfits (initially designed by William Ware Theiss) embody the look of classic Hollywood detectives and seem straight out of a Warner Brothers gangster film. In addition, there's also something magical about seeing Picard (and Patrick Stewart) wear an ensemble that has a bit more personality than the typical Starfleet uniform, allowing audiences to see the usually serious, no-nonsense captain have some fun away from his usual Enterprise duties.

Lwaxana Troi's gold dress

When it comes to dresses that are absolute showstoppers, Lwaxana Troi's gold and brown dress from the episode "Menage a Troi" continues to leave fans' jaws on the floor. From the very '80s details to the ridiculous animal-inspired print, this outfit (credited to the episode's costume department of Camille Argus, David Page, and Renee Nault) has a vibe all its own, especially when paired with Lwaxana's updo and larger-than-life earrings.

Despite its over-the-top look, there's something about this piece that perfectly fits Lwaxana in every way. With its stunning high neck collar, this dress makes Majel Barrett-Roddenberry look like a true knockout. More importantly, this ensemble evokes everything about Lwaxana as a character without even hearing one bit of dialogue from her. It's easy to see that she's a bold, unapologetic, and regal woman who has no time for fooling around. That makes this insane piece of fashionable "Next Generation" history an excellent tribute to her eccentric and iconic personality.

Guinan's Best of Both Worlds outfit

Though Lwaxana Troi was one of the reigning fashion icons on "Next Generation," another fashionable presence was the character of Guinan (played by Whoopi Goldberg). This bartender might not have gotten to wear the typical dresses that the other women on "TNG" were known for, but Guinan got to rock some avant-garde pieces that spoke to her calm (yet quirky) attitude. Take for example one of the more interesting outfits in her wardrobe featured in the famous two-parter, "Best of Both Worlds."

Worn in a scene in which Guinan advises Riker during a dramatic situation, the iconic character is dressed in her typical palette of various purples — a hue that speaks to her regal demeanor. What makes this ensemble (credited to Charles Drayman, Kimberley J. Thompson, and Renee Nault) fascinating is how it represents Guinan as a character. From the choice of glittering fabrics to the angular shape of her hat, the entire outfit speaks to Guinan's maturity along with her often optimistic outlook. Overall, this piece serves as a lovely tribute to the unique energy and perspective Guinan always brought to "TNG."

Wesley Crusher's famous sweater

When it comes to fashion aboard the Enterprise, no crew member was quite as innovative as Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) with his collection of fabulous sweaters. From brightly colored, chunky numbers to more aesthetically neutral ones, these memorable pieces showed Wesley's everchanging personality while also evoking the ridiculous trends in '80s fashion. While many of these sweaters linger in the minds of "Star Trek" fans the world over, none of them hold a candle to this beloved multi-colored number. 

Featured in various Season 1 episodes, this sweater embodies the optimism of Starfleet. It's perfect. From the combination of the colors to the grey turtle neck, it's obvious why this now-iconic design (credited to key costumers Philip Maldonado, David McGough, and costume supervisor Ed Sunley) remains a fan favorite. It is a unique piece in Wesley's often solid-colored wardrobe that represents the character's youthful energy, especially when set against the backdrop of an inactive Holodeck.