How Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Should Have Ended

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse brings together some of the various Spider-People spread across different dimensions. So it only makes sense that How It Should Have Ended acknowledges all the different proposed endings they’ve done for all the previous Spider-Man movies in order to properly play in this animated universe. They even do a solid job of parodying the opening sequence that introduces the “original” Spider-Man in the movie.

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VOTD: How ‘Aquaman’ Should Have Ended

How Aquaman Should Have Ended

After a month and a half of being in theaters, Aquaman is still holding one of the top five spots on the box office charts. The film has raked in over $1.1 billion worldwide, making it the most successful movie globally in the DC Extended Universe. Obviously director James Wan must have done something right, but if you ask the folks at How It Should Have Ended, they see things going a little bit differently for Arthur Curry. So let’s find out how Aquaman should have ended. Read More »

How Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Should Have Ended

Now that Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is in theaters, it’s time to look back at the twist ending of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. However, once you see what How It Should Have Ended came up with, you’ll find yourself realizing that the sequel exists because of the irresponsibility and inconsistency with which the Magical Congress of the United States of America deals with magical crime.

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VOTD: How ‘Incredibles 2’ Should Have Ended

How Incredibles 2 Should Have Ended

Incredibles 2 arrives on Blu-ray this week, and you know what that means. It’s time to find out how Pixar’s superhero family could have done things a little more efficiently with the latest edition of How It Should Have Ended. In this case, we get a callback to the first Incredibles movie to remind us exactly why it should have been a little easier for Dash and Violet to save the day instead of having trouble in the climax of the Pixar sequel.

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How Ant-Man and the Wasp Should Have Ended

The ending of Ant-Man and the Wasp was actually one of the most exciting parts of the Marvel Studios sequel. And by the ending, we mean the credits scene that actually tied into the more pressing matters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, the folks at How It Should Have Ended make a good point about the mid-credits scene from Ant-Man and the Wasp, which packs an interesting punch, but also doesn’t necessarily make the most sense.

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How Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Should Have Ended

Since Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is now home for you to watch maybe a few times before you forget about it entirely, it’s time to think about how the movie really should have ended. In this case, that’s much more important than usual since the ending to the sequel to the reboot of Jurassic Park is totally bonkers and takes the franchise in a totally new and weird direction.

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How Deadpool 2 Should Have Ended

Normally superheroes movies take themselves seriously enough that they’re easy targets for cracking jokes from the people behind How It Should Have Ended. But when you’re dealing with a wise-cracking, fourth wall-breaking, self-aware character liker Deadpool, you’ve gotta raise the bar a little bit. Thankfully, even though the jokes don’t land as well as those in Deadpool 2, the imagined scenes that might have made things a little easier on all our characters keep it from being a dud. Read More »

How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended

The ending of Avengers: Infinity War was pretty much perfect in how it pulled at the heartstrings and punched the gut of pretty much every Marvel Cinematic Universe fan and left them wanting to immediately know what was going to happen next. The cast of the movie didn’t even know their fate until the day of shooting. However, as Doctor Strange and the Time Stone will tell you, there are a few other ways this movie could have ended.

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How Stephen King's It Should Have Ended

Anyone who has read Stephen King’s beloved horror novel IT can tell you that even though Pennywise the Dancing Clown is defeated by some spunky kids in Derry, Maine, that’s not the last time the town will see of the terrifying shape shifting monster who feeds on fear. And even though the most recent adaptation of IT by director Andy Muschietti ends with the evil entity being defeated, we know that he’ll be back in the developing IT: Chapter 2.

In the meantime, the folks over at How It Should Have Ended took the time to craft How IT Should Have Ended. Most of the “superior” endings just have the kids running away from Pennywise before he has a chance to do anything to them, but there’s one particular ending that would have really thrown Pennywise for a loop, and it involves some familiar faces from Gotham City, New York and the sewers. Read More »

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