James Gunn Reportedly Has Two Super Secret DC Projects In The Works

So much for that long-needed break, huh, James Gunn?

"The Suicide Squad" and "Peacemaker" director was teasing months ago that he may or may not have two separate, secret projects in the works for Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Comics, but in the wake of all the buzz on "Black Adam," those rumors are starting to look a lot more like reality. The new DC superhero flick starring Dwayne Johnson hits theaters on Friday, and the head of DC Films, Walter Hamada, is set to depart the company after the film's release. This leaves the extended cinematic universe without a go-to figurehead but has allowed DC to scoop up some massive names to continue growing the DCEU.

Johnson has already been very vocal about an inevitable faceoff between Black Adam and Henry Cavill's Superman, Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson have been discussing possible new villains for the sequel to "The Batman," and now The Hollywood Reporter is announcing that James Gunn has one, possibly two new projects in the works for DC.

According to THR's sources, Gunn and producer Peter Safran ("Shazam!," "Aquaman") are apparently in talks with the Warners for a new "mystery" movie, and possibly another that Gunn would helm. There was no comment from any reps at Warner Bros. and while it's next to impossible to determine which hero, supergroup, or villain Gunn would want to explore, he also has "Peacemaker" season 2 on the way. THR also reports that the main focus of the company right now is on Superman, specifically, the Henry Cavill version of the character.

What could Gunn be working on?

The likelihood that Gunn will be the one tackling "Superman" is slim, but perhaps we'll get something centered on a "Peacemaker" character like Vigilante, or he'll finally bring the King Shark movie of our dreams to life. He's wrapping things up over at Marvel following the completion of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3," giving him plenty of time to focus on a fresh, new character (or group of characters).

Gunn has been dropping little hints on social media for quite some time, but nothing substantial enough to make a genuine guess. Few could have imagined we'd live in a world with Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but Gunn pulled it off with ease. Maybe it's just because I'm a filthy millennial who grew up watching the various "Teen Titans" animated shows, but if anyone could pull off a live-action version, it's James Gunn. It's important to note that Gunn's news has been classified as "projects" meaning he could be films, series, or both. Regardless of what he's tackling, Gunn has a pretty damn spotless track record, and DC just found a way to get a lot of casual superhero fans interested once again.